25 Best Messages to Send to Friends & Families this Christmas

25 Best Messages to Send to Friends & Families this Christmas

Are you looking for the best Christmas messages to send to families and friends or you're just looking for ways to create the best Christmas cards for your loved one? If yes, you must be looking for the right words to place on each card to bring joy and put a smile on the faces of your family and friends.

If you're just looking for a random message to send via text to friends and families, we've got you covered. We have found the best text messages across the width and breadth of the internet and from other great sources and we're happy to share them with you.

These beautiful sayings for Christmas will inspire you and help you create a wonderful Christmas greeting card to your loved ones. 

Christmas Messages for Friends & Families 

  • Christmas is here again. May your home be filled with laughter, contentment, harmony, peace, and abundance of mercy.
  • I wish you the very best this Christmas; joy, and a heart full of happiness. I love you!
  • I wish you all the best things for Christmas; health, happiness, satisfaction, and above all – for all eternity!
  • May your days be merry and bright, May all your Christmases be white.
  • Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brings you presents and not sickness – this holiday season!
25 Best Messages to Send to Friends & Families this Christmas
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  • Friends like you are as magical as Christmas spirit and as rare as Santa sightings.
  • Your presence is the best Christmas present I could receive.
  • Holidays are so much more special when they are celebrated with important friends like you.
  • Wishing one of my dearest and special friends a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!
  • Friend! I hope your Christmas is full of love and eggnog and laughter and cookies!
  • Your friendship is the best present Santa could have ever given me.
  • This year I have been so grateful for your friendship — thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life.
  • I hope Santa brings you lots of awesome goodies. He already brought me the best one — a great friend!
  • I hope you have an excellent Christmas full of love and life — two things you have given me.
  • As the year ends, I’m reminded of how much your friendship has meant to me this past year. Thank you so much for being a great friend.
  • I wish my family was as fun as you — hope you have a great time with your kin and hope to see you in the New Year!
  • You are such a fantastic friend! I hope Santa recognizes that and rewards you handsomely. If he doesn’t, I will!
  • Wishing you a very happy holiday season full of abundant joy and peace.
  • I am so thankful for having you as such a special and unique friend — I hope your holiday season is just as awesome as you are.
  • Even more than Christmas decorations, friends are what really light up my life. You brighten my day and many other days of the year as well.
  • I hope your life is filled with joy and happiness, both during the holiday season and for the rest of the year.
  • I hope your holiday season is filled with laughter, silliness, and many fond memories. Looking forward to spending another year in friendship with you.
  • May your holiday season be full of the presence of mind as you focus on the true gift of life.

25 Best Messages to Send to Friends & Families this Christmas
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Funny Christmas Messages

  • For Christmas, I got you pants with an elastic waistline that you can wear through January. You’re welcome.
  • I hope your December 25th is splendid this year. If you have an awful day on December 27th, that's alright. It's really just the 25th I care about.
  • Christmas is mostly for children. But we adults can enjoy it too until the credit card bills arrive

Here are 25 of the best Christmas messages to send to all loved ones this festive season. And please don't forget to send us one.

Got any special seasonal messages to share with our readers? Do write them below.

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13 Little Things that will Help You During Harmattan

13 Little Things that will Help You During Harmattan

Harmattan season comes with a lot of troubles and stress and this is why you need to update yourself on the best harmattan safety tips during this period. Like you, a lot of people are looking for the best ways to stay healthy during harmattan. Avoiding hot temperature, cold and even sicknesses that may arise due to the presence of dust among others.

During the harmattan season, you’d see people with cracked lips, dry skin, catarrh and other visible and nonvisible signs that bring pain and discomfort.

As a result of this, it is very important to note of these signs and find ways to tackle harmattan not only for the purpose of avoiding damage to the skin but to ensure that you don’t contract any sickness during this period. And if you’re overthinking about the kind of sickness you might contract during this period, just know that pneumonia is one of them.

Little Things to Keep You Healthy and Protected During the Harmattan Period

1. Don’t Forget Your Handkerchiefs

We are fond of forgetting our handkerchiefs at home or in the car and this can be worrying during this harmattan period. This season exposes you to so much dust. It could be from a moving car or from your chairs, tables or other items at your home. Always cover your nose with a handkerchief to prevent dust inhalation from moving vehicles and with a nose mask while you’re cleaning at home. It can be extremely discomforting dealing with catarrh during harmattan.

2. Get a Shoe Brush

Keep a small shoe brush in your bag always. You’d have to get your shoes clean many times a day due to dust.

3. Apply Balm and Moisturizers

Keep your skin and lips healthy by applying creams, essential oil to the body regularly. Vaseline and other oily creams can be very helpful in keeping the skin soft. Shea butter and an essential oil like olive can also be helpful in keeping the lips moisturized to prevent cracks.

4. Don’t Wear Black

Avoid wearing black clothes especially when going out on foot. You might come back in a white garment.

5. Keep Your Doors and Windows Closed

During the night, it gets so cold that’s why it is advised to keep windows and doors lock to keep the warmth in the room. Make sure you don’t expose yourself to excessive cold that can cause pneumonia.

6. Eat More Fruits

Fruits will help you stay healthy by helping you fight bacteria. It could help in preventing catarrh and other minor health issues. Make sure you get the best fruits, wash and wipe clean before eating.

Read:10 Foods That Will Help You Live Longer Says Science

7. Never Lick Your Lips

Avoid licking your lips. Although your intention is to keep it soft, it will end up drying quickly leaving cracks all over.

8. Stay Hydrated

Due to the heat and dryness during this period, it will be best to drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated. This will keep your skin moisturized as well as helping in cleaning your system. The sun can be very hot during harmattan so make sure you go out with a bottle to help you drink water as you move around.

Read: How to Drink More Water Every Day

9. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Avoid carbonated drinks. In as much as you want to keep fluid in your system to help you stay hydrated, avoid carbonated soft drinks as they only leave you dehydrated.

10. Get a Hat, Cap, and Sunglass

Wear a hat or cap to protect you from direct sunlight. The sun can be very disturbing during the day. You might want to wear a sunglass too to prevent dust and other eye problems like glaucoma.

11. Avoid Too Cold Foods and Drinks

It is best to avoid chill or frozen foods. They won’t do you any good during the harmattan season. Instead, go with warm foods. Drink tea and bath warm water to keep your body temperature balanced.

12. Try Aboniki

Get Abonki. Ever heard of it? It’s a local mentholated balm that helps in pain management and also good for nasal congestions. You can rub it on your chest for relief. Make sure you don’t get this balm to any sensitive parts of your body.

13. Don’t Drive Late

Don’t drive at night as it might be easy to get involved in an accident. During harmattan, the atmosphere becomes very cloudy and smoky.

13 Little Things that will Help You During Harmattan

While many will be having a snowy holiday during this festive season, some of us will have to endure the heat and dryness through this period. But with these healthy tips and little things, we’ll be able to live healthily during the harmattan period.


Top 10 Natural Remedies for Migraine Treatment

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Migraine Treatment

Migraines are not just headaches. They are more severe and chronic accompanied by heavy symptoms such as nausea, light sensitivity, and dizziness. Eating healthy; adding magnesium to your diet and avoiding hot dogs and other bad eating habits may help control migraine symptoms.

Treating migraine can be debilitating. But with nature’s gift, we can relieve the pain of a migraine and even headache by using home remedies like massaging, green tea, peppermint, diet changes among others to tackle these symptoms and relieve the pain and stress migraine comes with.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine can run in families affecting both adults and children. This makes it very common of a condition and you’re not the first to be experiencing these symptoms or the nagging pain.

What Causes Migraine

1. Low blood sugar
2. Alcohol abuse and caffeine
3. Dehydration
5. Hormonal Changes
6. Medications (Contraceptive pills, sleeping pills among others)

Is Migraine the Same as Headache?

A simple answer will be NO! The symptoms of a migraine vary from that of a headache and the best way to be sure is to see your doctor for proper diagnosis and medication. However, here are a few differences and symptoms to look out for so as to be sure if you’re having a headache or a migraine.

Symptoms of a migraine worsen during physical activities.
Symptoms do not worsen nor change during physical activities.
Migraine is accompanied with additional symptoms like nausea, dizziness, seeing flashy lights etc.
Headache does not come with any of these symptoms.
The pain is mainly felt at one side of the head.
Headache pains are felt throughout the forehead and/or scalp.

Top 10 Home Remedies for Migraine Treatment 

1. Try Ginger
Ginger is known to relieve symptoms like cough including migraine. According to a study, ginger powder decreased migraine as well as reducing its side effects.

2. Avoid Stress
Stress is known to trigger migraine. Find effective stress management tips to help you control and reduce stress to avoid migraine.

3. Get a Massage
Neck and shoulder massage is helpful in reducing migraine. Studies say both shoulder and neck massage can help relieve tension, hence reduce migraine pain. Don’t forget a good massage helps blood circulation and reduces stress too.

4. Get Enough Rest
Resting is best for headaches and migraine. Have quality sleep to reduce the symptoms of migraine. Make sure you have all electrical appliances switched off. It doesn’t only keep you from being distracted but also leaves your room darkened which has been found to work better.

5. Water
Dehydration has been linked to migraine as well as headache. A study says, being dehydrated can trigger a severe headache and migraine which causes pain and discomfort. Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated and to avoid migraine.

6. Feverfew
Have you heard about feverfew? A flowering herb that belongs to the daisy family. This plant has been used to treat migraine for centuries.  Feverfew is not only good for migraines but for headaches and nausea as well.

7. Cool it Down with Ice
Ice is not only for injuries during sports. There are good for reducing headaches and migraine too. A study found that holding an ice pack at the base of your neck helps in reducing the pain of migraine drastically.

8. Meditate
Meditation has great benefits and we have been able to create a list of some of the breathtaking benefits of meditation here. People who practice meditation and controlled breathing daily have better regulation of stress hormone says an American study. This works because stress has been linked to migraine and headaches in many studies.

9. Acupressure
Acupressure aims at keeping the pressure on some key points or parts of the body. this helps to release muscle tension and alleviate pain. It is good at reducing migraine symptoms like nausea.

10.   Green Tea
Green tea has anti-inflammatory property and other great benefits that can help in alleviating the symptoms of migraine. All you need is a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of green tea. Don’t forget to drink it warm.

Are There Any Alternative Treatment or Natural Remedies?

You can visit your doctor for proper medications if you don't want to go the natural way. However, if you're still looking for alternative natural remedies, you can check out our bulletins:

  • Drink peppermint tea
  • Have a hot shower
  • See a chiropractor 
  • Eat cherries 
  • Try yoga

What Can Be Done to Prevent Migraine?

2. Keep a check on your weight
4. Exercise regularly

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Migraine Treatment

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds No One Ever Tells You

Top 10 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds No One Ever Tells You

Sesame seeds have great health benefits and are probably one of the oldest oil seeds existing today. They provide multiple benefits due to their rich level of magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorous, zinc, fiber among others. These seeds are not only healthy. It also does have beauty benefits. They are one of the most beneficial seeds in the world today having lasted for over 3000 years and counting.

Eating sesame seeds can super boost your immune system adding to your overall wellbeing. And yes, it is absolutely healthy and nutritious to consume sesame seeds raw.
You can choose from either the white sesame seeds or the black seeds and again, they all have great benefits. Just a little difference in taste as the black sesame is very strong as compared to the white sesame seeds.

Continue reading to uncover some breathtaking benefits of eating sesame seeds and even a good reason to start adding them to your meals regularly.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seed is Useful in Improving Oral Health

Streptococcus which is one of the most common bacteria responsible for bad oral health can be combatted with sesame seeds. Chewing a spoon full of sesame seeds have been proven to tackle those bacteria in the mouth. You can also use oil from sesame seeds for oil pulling or you can also check out these alternative methods of treating bad oral health as well as removing tartar and plaques from teeth.

Consuming Sesame Seeds Prevents Diabetes

Sesame seeds may be tiny but plays a major role in preventing diabetes. Sesame is rich in magnesium and other healthy nutrients like calcium, zinc among others. The oil derived from sesame, popularly known as sesame oil has been proven to prevent diabetes and also helps in the management of the disease. (1) Sesame seeds also help in regulating insulin and glucose level. (2)

Sesame in Diets May Boost Heart Health

Sesame seeds are rich in irons which helps in fighting anemia. Studies say, the sesame oil can prevent atherosclerotic lesions and this is possible due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property found in sesame oil. They may help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol hence, preventing the risk of coronary artery disease and even stroke. (3)

Sesame Seeds Prevent Cancer

One major benefit of sesame seeds is its ability to prevent cancer. This should be a good reason why you need to add sesame to your meals to prevent cancer. Most foods on the market today causes cancer and the sad part is that we eat these foods almost every day. Sesame seeds have a strong anti-carcinogenic property which helps to combat cancer. (4)

Sesame Seeds Promotes Stronger Bone Health

Have you been experiencing bone issues lately like fractures? It could be that you lack calcium and sesame seeds may just be what you need. When you are calcium deficient, you’ll be advised by your doctor to eat foods that are rich in calcium and zinc to help fight the deficiency. And guess what? Sesame has it both. Sesame seeds are also packed with sufficient copper and other minerals that may help reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Aids in Treating Anxiety & Depression

Minerals such as magnesium and calcium found in sesame seeds can help regulate the muscle function by keeping them relaxed. This is to say that sesame is helpful in fighting anxiety and even depression with its calming property due to the presence of Thiamin. Most of the sesame nutrients are stress-relieving. (5)

Improves Eye Health

Treat blurred vision with sesame seeds. I know of a friend who enjoys sesame seeds for the purpose of improving his vision. I’m not asking you to do this too just because he does but studies have it that the Chinese tradition has used this method as a way to improve eye health. There’s a relationship between internal organs and external organs like the eyes and the liver. And since the liver stores blood which can be channeled to the eye, it helps to improve the functioning of the eyes. (6)

Sesame Prevent Wrinkles

Are you so concerned about your skin? Do you want to prevent wrinkles and pre-aging? Sesame oil does that and more. This oil is good for your skin as well as your hair. Sesame seed oil prevents harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging your skin. Looking for other alternatives?

Protects You Against DNA Damage Caused by Radiation

Did you know radiation can cause massive harm to your DNA? Sesamol from sesame seed and sesame oil has been proven to protect you against DNA damages caused by radiation.

Sesame Seeds Protects You from the Bad Effects of Alcohol

Finally, something for alcohol lovers. We all know the side effects of alcohol abuse. The effects on the liver, kidney among others. Well, the good news is that sesame seeds help the liver to decompose the harmful effect of alcohol in the body as well as removing substances that generate poison in the body helping you maintain a healthy liver.

We now know the top 10 benefits of sesame seeds. Can we also find out some creative ways of adding sesame to our diet or meals regularly?

  • Sesame seeds can be eating raw and as said earlier, this is healthy but have a slightly bitter taste. So, if you’re not happy eating sesame seeds raw, then you can incorporate them into your meals.
  • Sesame seeds can be roasted, crushed and sprinkled over your salad for a great taste and health benefits.
  • You can also prepare a sweet sesame milk by soaking 1 cup of sesame seeds into 2 cups of water overnight. Blend into a smoothie in the morning and drink. You can also keep it in the refrigerator to add a chilling taste.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds
You can see the benefits of sesame seeds are breathtaking but that’s not all. Sesame seeds can also prevent anemia due to their rich iron property as well as controlling blood pressure. Sesame seeds are full of high quality and healthy protein which make up to 20 percent of the seedThey are also good for baby’s health especially for rashes and improving their sleep.

Natural Home Remedy for Treating Diabetes

Natural Home Remedy for Treating Diabetes

Disclaimer: This article is solely informative and for no reason be treated as medical advice. Speak to your doctor for proper medication and treatment. 
Being diabetic is something no one wish for but due to bad eating habits, family history, and other factors, many are troubled to face this in life. Today we'll learn about a home remedy that's very effective in treating diabetes. This home remedy could as well be used to treat kidney issues or help prevent kidney failure in the future. A study also suggests that this treatment can be used to reduce symptoms of asthma.

Our secret ingredient for this treatment is okra. Okra is low in calories and has a high dietary fiber content. Okra has also been suggested to help manage blood sugar in cases of type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.


◆ Get 4 okra from the market or vegetable store.

◆ Wash well with clean water. You can add a salt solution to make sure you kill bacteria and germs. (I'd recommend you wash clean to avoid the salty taste.

◆ Get a glass of clean water. ( do not use cold, warm or hot water. A temperature of tap water is okay)

◆ Cut the head and tail of your okra and deep them into your glass of water.

◆ Store in a cool and dry place covered, and leave it overnight.

You've just prepared your perfect treatment for diabetes. Now let's look at how you'd consume your remedy.

Please note you're to consume this as early as in the morning and if possible the first thing you do.

It is best to consume this remedy on an empty stomach and 30 minutes before eating breakfast. This works faster and speeds up your healing process.


◆ Helps fight against kidney disease
◆ Reduces stress
◆ Lower Cholesterol level
◆ Strengthens the immune system
◆ High in fiber
◆ Helps in digestion
◆ Reduces fatigue
◆ Controls asthma

You should consult your doctor if you're already taking medications. Let him decide on what's best for you.
Natural Home Remedy for Treating Diabetes

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Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every day

Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every day

The foods we eat can actually be the major cause of cancer today. You might have improved your health being selective with what goes into your stomach and you must be convinced that you’re making healthy choices when it comes to what you eat? Avoiding sugary foods like snacks and going with sugar-free foods like potato chips might be the start to a healthy life but that’s actually not all there’s to healthy living.

Most of the food we eat every day causes many health issues and many of these foods have been tagged as cancer-causing foods. You might think what you eat is nothing bad although you probably eat these foods once every other day.

Cancer-causing foods are not just tobacco or the canned foods on our markets today. You could be preparing one yourself on a daily basis without your knowledge.   

Foods You Probably Eat Every Day That Causes Cancer.

Canned Tomatoes

You might have heard the rumors about canned foods and how bad they can be for your health. Most canned foods like tomatoes can contribute to cancer development and this is why you must go with fresh tomatoes which has a lot of health benefits. Most tomatoes cans are lined with bisphenol-A (BPA) which is one major contributor to cancer and heart disease.

Tomatoes are quite acidic and this seems to attract BPA into the tomatoes itself making it harmful for consumption.

Instead of going with canned foods, you can go for alternatives like the ones packaged in sachet, glass jar or simply go for the best alternative which is fresh tomatoes.


Although minimal consumption of alcohol can be healthy and has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, it shouldn’t be an excuse to keep up with your drinking habit. Alcohol is the second most common cause of cancer which makes tobacco the first.

Alcohol is a contributor to breast cancer. Excessive alcohol increases estrogen levels in the blood which is one major contributor to breast cancer. However, you should note that red wines contain resveratrol which has been found to be an anticancer property.


This is regarded as the most common cause of cancer and it’s no surprise. Even on your box of cigarettes is has been boldly written that “Smokers die younger” but as a matter of fact, it is quite difficult to quit if you’re addicted.

Tobacco smoke is made up of over 7000 chemicals and some of these chemicals are known to be the cause of cancer. People who smoke are at a high risk of contracting lungs cancer and other health problems. 

Artificial Sweetener
So you heard about sugar and its contribution to obesity so in an attempt to lose weight you’ve forgone sugar and substituted it with artificial sweetener to help you lose weight. Well, you’ve just escaped jail for prison. What you should note is that artificial sugar doesn’t stop you from losing weight. It actually helps you gain more weight.

Studies say artificial sweeteners could be a possible contributor to cancer. This is because they are made up of chemicals and these chemicals, especially aspartame, breakdown in the body into a toxin called DKP which are a cancer-causing chemical that may cause cancer. Apart from this, artificial sweeteners also make it difficult to control blood sugar.
So if you’re obsessed or diabetic and think it’s best to avoid sugar, just avoid it and don’t ever substitute sugar for sweeteners.

top ten cancer-causing foods

Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every day
Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every day

Potato Chips

Oh no! We all know how crispy and sweet potato chips are but why are they included in foods that cause cancer? Maybe frying potato chips at home might not be unhealthy but those on the market cannot be guaranteed as most of them contain artificial flavor, colors and not forgetting preservatives. They are also fried in high temperature that may cause the production of acrylamide which is a known carcinogen found in cigarettes.

Microwave Popcorn

The popcorn is treated with preservatives and chemicals which can cause lung diseases. Their bags are also lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which has been linked to infertility as well as liver, kidney, bladder, and testicular cancers among others.

Refined sugar

Cancer cells are known to feed on sugar in the blood which makes the cells grow faster. Without it, cancer cells can’t grow and spread and for this reason, sugar is considered cancer’s favorite food. This isn’t all there’s to do with refined sugar. It has also been considered one of the most common causes of weight gain. Sugar contributes heavily to many obesity causes today. Refined sugars can be found in almost any packaged foods and snacks on the market today. So, the next time you go out shopping, make sure you read the labels.


Coffee may have some good health benefits which include the fight against cancer but the roasting of the beans may cause the formation of acrylamide which is a substance that has the ability to interact with DNA. Acrylamide develops when food is cooked under high temperature and for long hours. This is only to say, not only coffee has the potential of forming acrylamides but any other food that gets cooked for a longer period. It is best advised to have a semi-brown dish and this was why the campaign “Go for Gold” was launched by the UK Food Standard Agency.

Processed Meat

Processed meat or preserved meat which includes sausage, salami, bologna, corned beef, hot dog among others have the potential to cause cancer. These processed meats contain excessive salt, chemicals, and preservatives which includes sodium nitrates, making them look fresh and appealing to consumers. Scientists say these foods are carcinogenic to humans and should be avoided.


Genetically modified organisms, GMO’s as its regularly called are modified foods which are mostly grown with chemicals. GMO’s may cause digestive problems as well as liver problems.
A study conducted on rats which saw rats fed on GMO’s found damaged immune systems, pre-cancerous cell growths as well as smaller brains and livers in just 10days of the project. This is how bad GMO foods can be to your health if you should continue consuming them.

Here are 10 most common foods that cause cancer. 

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Physiotherapy in Ghana


Physiotherapy has been in Ghana since the early 1940’s and was established by Mrs. Price in Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. over the years physiotherapy has established itself as an integral part of the health care system in Ghana.

Physiotherapy involves services that develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability of people. It can help people at any stage of life when movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors. ( world confederation of physical therapy, 2016)

Physiotherapists work in the health spheres of promotion(education), prevention, treatment/ intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation employing the use of exercise prescription, manual therapy (mobilization and manipulation), lifestyle modification, education, electrotherapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound and infrared light, heat modalities, cryotherapy, etc.), hydrotherapy, assistive device prescription, soft tissue technique, amongst others.

Physiotherapists are highly qualified, rigorously trained health care professionals that provide care in both public and private settings, pervading several scopes of healthcare practice as would be explained below;

Musculoskeletal/ orthopedic physiotherapy

Involves assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment/ management of musculoskeletal disorders(MSD) such as fractures, strain, sprains, degenerative conditions( spondylosis, osteoarthritis, etc.), amputations, amongst others.

Neurological physiotherapy


Neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Guillain- Barre syndrome, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury are managed by employing the use of principles of motor learning and transfers in combination with other modalities to help patients gain an optimal level of function.

Cardio-pulmonary physiotherapy

Involves rehabilitation and management of cardiac and respiratory conditions including hypertension, coronary heart disease, septal defects (hole-in-heart), asthma, pneumonia, etc. pre and post-medical management using exercise prescription, airway clearance techniques/chest physiotherapy, positioning, etc.

Pediatric physiotherapy

This branch of physiotherapy deals with infants and children with a variety of conditions including cerebral palsy, developmental delay, brachial plexus injury, clubfoot, autism, hydrocephalus MSD such as fractures, cardio-related conditions, etc. using play therapy, habilitation and others.

Sports physiotherapy


A branch in physiotherapy specialized for sportspersons for treatment/ management of sports-related injuries(sprain, strain, crush injuries, fractures, muscle spasms, etc.) fitness and exercise programs, guidance in sporting activities, biomechanical analysis, correction of faulty techniques, etc.

Women’s health

This deals with obstetrical and gynecological conditions such as uterine prolapse, pregnancy-related low back pain, postural care and fitness during and after pregnancy, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor muscle injury amongst others.
Geriatrics physiotherapy- this deals with the specialized care of older individuals focusing on degenerative diseases, fall and injury prevention, etc.

Fitness and ergonomics physiotherapy

Is concerned with guidance in physical fitness and is key in the management of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc. ergonomics also deals with good postural care in the performance of daily activities (sitting, sleeping, lifting of objects, etc) and in the use of equipment such as chairs, computers, and others.


Physiotherapist in Ghana say, ‘movement is life’ and as such your functional capacity is of utmost relevance to us. For any of these problems, see a licensed physiotherapist today!

Compiled by Swift Physiotherapy Clinic team


6 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy & Ways To Treat Them

6 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy & Natural Ways To Treat Them
Either the doctor confirms that you’re pregnant or your wife is, you’ll soon realize some changes during this period. Everyone behaves differently during pregnancy. There are many health problems that pregnant women might face during this time. However, there are also many remedies that can be used to solve these problems. Here are 6 common pregnancy problems and how to treat them naturally.

6 Common Problems During Pregnancy & Their Natural Home Remedies

6 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy & Ways To Treat Them

1. Bleeding Vagina

Bleeding from the vagina can be common but it should be taken seriously. This happens when the embryo gets implanted in the womb. However, in some cases, it could be a sign of miscarriage especially if it occurs within the first 12weeks of pregnancy. (1) This shouldn’t scare you but it is important you talked to your doctor as soon as you see signs of blood leakage from your vagina.

However, you should abstain from sex during this period. Also, try as much as possible to use a pad and watch out for the type of blood that comes out and discuss this with your doctor for proper treatment.

2. Morning Sickness

If you feel like vomiting mostly at morning or have a sign of nausea, that’s morning sickness. Don’t worry, this problem is normal among pregnant women. Almost every woman experiences this symptom during pregnancy so you’re not in this alone. However, there are some natural ways to get this under control.

Exercising, and avoiding fatty foods while eating enough dry foods like nuts and crackers may help. You can also try this healthy ginger tea to help fight morning sickness. Just limit the amount of ginger per tea so it doesn't get so strong or spicy. 

3. Urine Leakage

Urine leakage also known as Urinary Stress Incontinence is also a common problem among pregnant women. During pregnancy, you may leak a little bit of urine from time to time especially when you cough or laugh. Although this could be common as I mentioned, it can become a major problem in the future so do see a doctor when you begin experiencing this sign and make sure he knows the details. Alternatively, you can also try a pelvic floor exercise to tackle this problem. Pelvic floor exercise helps in strengthening your pelvic muscles.

This is how to perform pelvic floor exercise.

  • Sit relaxed on a chair and place your feet and knees shoulder width apart and breathe as you usually do.
  • The muscles that are used to stop urine are the pelvic floor muscles. Just try to stop yourself from passing urine for a few seconds by squeezing, holding and contracting the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Hold the contraction firmly and for as long as you can, then release and repeat. (2)

4. Swollen Legs

Being pregnant may cause multiple changes in your hormones including the development of varicose veins which makes the leg look swollen and bigger. This is not a serious condition but you’d still need to speak to your doctor about it. My sister experienced this during the period of her pregnancy and she was advised to take a walk and that was it.

5. Constipation

Constipation or hemorrhoids is also a common problem among pregnant women. This is due to the hormonal changes your body goes through. It could also be as a result of the changes you might have made after losing appetite for certain foods. For constipation, there are a lot of remedies so just stay cool as there’s no need to worry. Focus on eating rich fiber foods and try as much to stay hydrated. You can also read smart techniques to stay hydrated.

6 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy & Ways To Treat Them

6. Vagina Discharge

You may notice a constant discharge from your vagina during pregnancy. This is normal until the discharge becomes sticky and thick. If this happens, speak to a doctor as soon as you can. Aside from this, discharge from the vagina during pregnancy is a normal process as the liquid discharged helps to cleanse the vagina by washing away any infection that may move from the vagina to the womb.

Alternatively, you can treat vagina discharge with a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and water. Wash your vagina twice daily to help restore body pH and also control vagina odor.

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6 Incredible Ways to Support a Friend with Depression & Anxiety

6 Incredible Ways to Support a Friend with Depression & Anxiety
6 Incredible Ways to Support a Friend with Depression & Anxiety

At least one person you know today suffers from one form of mental illness or another. Be it anxiety or depression, that is why we need to learn more about these mental illnesses so we can support them when the need arises. The first thing anyone learning about mental illness can do is to identify the signs and symptoms so as to spot them when they show up.

There are people who think that depressed people are attention seekers and their conditions aren’t real. Believe me, when I say this is real. There’re depressed people all over. Some have minor cases like just feeling sad and a little anxious while others have quite severe conditions and these people are mostly those who attempt suicide.

What is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a condition that causes serious disorder in a person’s behavior or thinking, it may also affect the mood of a person.

The Most Common Types of Mental Illnesses Are:

  • Clinical depression
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Dementia
  • Attention-deficit/ Hyperactivity disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive Compulsive disorder
  • Autism

What is Depression?

Depression is a medical condition in which a person is usually so unhappy that they cannot live a normal life. If this should continue, the situation may go beyond control and in some cases, people with this mental illness take their own lives. Medical advice should always be taken from a professional. Families and friends should also do their best to support in whichever way they can.

Common Symptoms of Depression

  • Inability to sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low level of energy

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety refers to the physical, mental and behavioral changes we feel in response to a threat. Anxiety disorders share an extreme sense of fear. People dealing with anxiety go through some changes which prepares them to respond to danger.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Uneasiness
  • Panic attack
  • Restlessness
  • Digestive disturbance
  • Excessive sweating

What You Can Do to Help Depressed and Anxious Persons

When it comes to supporting people with depression or anxiety, there are a few things you can do to help in this situation. Note that, what you do and how you do it will determine the recovering time of the patient. Being supportive is all about care, time and attention. If you do these things right, you can be a good support for your loved ones.

Here Are 6 Things You Can Do to Support Someone Depressed or Anxious.

Always Listen

Supporting a depressed friend has to be more than just trying to put together the best advice for them. Although your advice can be the best without saying, the first most important thing anyone can help with is to listen. In fact, how would you know how exactly they feel if all you care about is filling their heads with your thoughts? Always listen and understand how they feel before giving out any advice. That’s the best way to approach such situations.

Light up a Candle of Hope

For people who have experienced depression or anxiety know how worrying a thing it can be. And those who have been with depressed persons know exactly how stressful the situation can get. Choosing the right words at the right time can become a big problem for many. What you should know is no one has the right word(s) or ideally, the perfect words. However, it is very important you don’t say things that would depress them the more. Instead, say comforting words which can reinstate some level of belief in them.

Take Depressed Friends Away from Home

Staying at home can be boring. It is always a good idea to try a new, different but exciting environment for some fresh breeze and to take your mind off some things. This is ideal for everyone but with someone with a mental disorder, this is one perfect move. Who knows if there are memories at home which keep torturing them. A day out to no man’s land will be sufficient in distressing them from all that has been happening lately. Fill the day with fun if you can but if they decide to stay cool instead, nature is always a perfect stare.

Spend Quality Time with Depressed & Anxious Friends

Anxious and depressed persons are mostly lonely people. You won’t want to keep allowing them to feel this way. Don’t give them space to get lost in their own thoughts as most of these persons are likely to attempt suicide. Spend enough time with them so they feel they aren’t alone.

Learn More About Mental Illness

Another way you can help a loved one dealing with mental health is to get enough knowledge about their condition. The more knowledge you have about mental health issues the more help you have to offer and you'll always make the best decisions when it comes to giving them your maximum supports.

Engage Depressed Friends in Fun Activities

You can help take their mind off their lonely life for a couple of hours. You can either visit a game center to watch your favorite soccer match or bring the fun to the house if going out is a problem. Get a PlayStation or Xbox and have some fun. Please allow them to win even if you play better than them. They deserve some happiness.

The girls, on the other hand, can get them to look their best by doing their makeup and polishing their nails. You can also spend time watching their favorite movie but it should be something exciting like comedy and not emotional as this can worsen their condition.
6 Incredible Ways to Support a Friend with Depression & Anxiety
6 Incredible Ways to Support a Friend with Depression & Anxiety

Final Thoughts on How to Support a Depressed or Anxious Friend.

These tips on how to be a supportive friend to someone who is mentally ill is essential in the process of recovery. Although these are minor supports, they are enough to establish some thought of love for the patient. Try to spend enough time but quality ones with them and help them distract from things that make them sad and more depressed. Make them laugh, and listen attentively to what they have to say. It’s really important that you do not make any hasty decision or take any action that can jeopardize the situation or even make it worse.

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