4 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Social Media.

social media

 Businesses today lack the insight of the market. Expanding market share, targeting prospects and developing strategies to achieve those objectives becomes the problem of most managers. Social media has recently become the trend for most managers. But the problems still remain if the medium is not used adequately.

 In today’s market, social media marketing (Digital Marketing) cannot be ignored if you want to grow your brand or business. According to Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2013, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and YouTube are the top five platforms used by most marketers to grow a strong brand as well as the business itself.

  Here are few tips to ensure that your business grows on Social Media;

 1.Manage your accounts like an expert (Or Get an expert to manage your accounts).

 Building a brand and growing your business involves more than just providing information about your line of products. You must keep your audience up to date with posts and do that repeatedly and frequently within your own time frame like a pro. Thus, you must be consistent. This is because your audiences mostly get stacked with your trend of postings and always make time to view new posts. You can be selective when it comes to days to post new stuff. You can either post two (2) or three (3) times or as many as you wish, be it daily, weekly or monthly.

 2.Always interact with prospects (Potential Customers).

 Most people ask who their potential customers are. A Potential Customer is anyone who shows interest in your brand or product. Most Businesses do see the entire market as their potential customers and that’s also a good strategy if executed well. It is much easier now than before to identify these customers. Marketers should engage in conversations with their customers and prospects if necessary. Respond quickly to questions and comments under posts and make sure the right answers are delivered just like an expert.

 3.Post samples of your products (Pictures, Videos).

 This helps attract new clients or customers. Samples in the form of pictures give prospects a clue about what your product is about and how it looks like. This makes your idea more tangible rather than a normal “text” posting.

 4. Promote your posts to ensure that you meet your target audience.

 Promote your posts on the various Social Media platforms by using PayPal and Credit Cards to increase awareness and boost your post to ensure your messages get to a larger audience. This increases brand awareness and hence drive to an increase in sales of products and services.


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