6 Ways Restaurants Can Survive Under Modern Competition.


The rivalry among food companies is becoming more competitive each day. Most companies in the industry are watching closely while others turn blind eye to their competitor’s strategies. To survive within today’s industry of food venturing, here are some tips your management should adopt.

  • Get your restaurant online.

Your competitors are doing well online. Why not join them? Online Marketing is the prime source of sales for modern companies. As a food venturing company, it is advisable to get samples of your product to encourage purchase. It is believed that customers only buy what they see and this sometimes makes it difficult for Service Companies to operate. Meanwhile, there are various ways by which service renders can cope with the situation. We will look into that later. Getting your business online helps to increase awareness, builds a brand and even give new prospects the chance to seek information about your products and services, as well as placing orders which can be delivered by your salesperson.

  • Visit nearby workplaces (companies) to inform and suggest your products and brand to them.

It is wrong for companies to predict and imagine that their customers will walk to them. As a company, you must be encouraged to increase profit. By increasing profit, you have to increase sales. Increasing sales can be done by persuading and informing customers about your brand. The good news about delivering food to your customers in their offices and workplaces is the stress you’d be reducing if they have to get it by themselves. Building relationships with them can attract more people within the firm and even contracts outside the firm.

  • Get salespeople and try intensive home delivery.

It is advisable to get trained salespersons to take that responsibility. But it is okay if you cannot afford to bear the cost. But then, you have to train them by yourself to equip them into making good decisions and acting professionally to ensure that you build a good brand. Delivering products to your customers will not only save them the stress but also provides the opportunity to obtain immediate feedback which will help you improve your services daily.

  • Host events on special days or occasions to celebrate with customers.

There are many occasions that come within the year. This is another opportunity to increase sales and profit. Creating events to match up such occasions encourages more patriots which lead to an increase in revenue. Events that seem interesting include; Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.

  • Give special discounts.

Give discounts to customers who purchase a specific quantity. You can encourage customers to purchase more by given special discounts on some purchases. What companies seek is to increase sales. Through discounts, the aim of sales increment can be achieved.

  • Obtain feedback from at least half of your daily customer.

This seems like a difficult work but it is not. Getting feedback from your customers is very essential. While serving customers, you can be a little interactive and also before they leave you can find out about the day’s services. You can also place a suggestion box close to the entrance even though it isn’t that effective lately.


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