5 Amazing Benefits of Tomato

Fruits and vegetables are very important in our daily lives as it provides health benefits to our body. Daily intake of fruits and vegetables help build a strong immune system which helps fight against diseases. Today we will look at the importance of Tomato and some other benefits it provides.

Tomato is a fruit or vegetable which is mostly red in color. It comes in many shapes, sizes colors and flavors. Tomato contains many vitamins and antioxidant. It is also used in the preparation of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

It is mostly argued that Tomato is not a fruit. Meanwhile, others believe tomato is a fruit and vegetable because of its different uses. However, whichever way you call it, that will not hinder its amazing benefits.
Here are some amazing benefits of tomato which you probably didn’t know;

    It improves vision (eyesight)

    Tomatoes are very essential as it improves your eyesight when consumed more often. It contains vitamin A which prevents night blindness and increases your vision quality. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene, powerful antioxidants that protect the eyes against light-induced damage associated with the development of cataracts and age-related muscular.

    Protects the heart

    Tomato contains fiber, potassium, and vitamin C which are essential for the health of one’s heart. It reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. An increase in potassium intake along with a decrease in sodium intake is the most important dietary change that the average person can make to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. It's 237 mg of potassium is useful in controlling stroke. Folic acid also found in tomato helps to keep homocysteine levels in check, hence reduces the risk of heart disease.

    Help reduce constipation

    Constipation is one other problem people usually face around the world. This can be reduced or prevented when you consume tomatoes regularly since it contains fiber which reduces constipation and liquid which helps with hydration and promotes regular bowel movements.

    It also helps in reducing hypertension

    Potassium is said to reduce hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure. A daily intake of tomato or using it for meals can help reduce the level of hypertension. Potassium reduces the tension in blood vessels and arteries which increase blood circulation as well as reducing heart stress.

    Reduces the effect of smoking (cigarette).

    Smoking is another dangerous health hazard which causes lung disease (lung cancer). Tomatoes contain coumaric acids and chlorogenic acid which fights against carcinogens that are produced from smoking cigarettes.

    It helps during pregnancy.

    We’re often advised by doctors to consume some amount of vitamins including folic acid during pregnancy. Tomato contains vitamins A, B, C which can be a requisite for building a good level of immune system and also help fight against diseases. An adequate amount of folic acid intake is essential before and during pregnancy to protect against neural tube defects in infants.

    Furthermore, tomatoes are also essential in maintaining beautiful skins, and hair. It provides vitamins to keep your hair skinny and strong. Some studies also show that it reduces the risk of kidney stone and the repairs of cell and muscle building.

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