6 Workouts You Can Do Now to Lose That Extra Weight

Exercising should be part of your daily life. You don't have to be overweight before working out. The main reason for workouts is not to lose weight but to be healthy and active.

This article will give you a guide to some exercises and workouts that help in getting rid of extra weights and belly fats.

Before you get all hopes up, you should know weight loss is a journey and you need time and dedication to get through it.

  • Have enough rest after exercise/workout
  • Drink enough water after workouts but not enough to fill your tummy when working out.
  • Warm-up before you begin. Stretch well.
  • Don't overwork yourself
  • Find workouts that you enjoy and make them a routine.
  • Don't get used to a particular workout as it doesn't have any more effect on your body. Try different exercise and workouts, that works perfectly.

Below are the 6 best workouts that have been proven to be effective in weight loss and weight management.

I won't advise you to go for a walk if your aim is to lose as many weight as possible. Walking is best for those who have a normal body size but would want to get as fit as possible. Aside from strengthening your heart, study says you’ll and can burn around 75 calories by walking for 30 minutes at 2mph.

Swimming might be seen as a recreation rather than a workout but hey don't be deceived. Swimming is one of few exercises which gets you using various parts of your body. When swimming, your hands, arms, shoulder, legs etc. also take part in the workout. A study says you can burn over 750 calories in an hour of swimming. What else is better than this? Just get yourself a pool and begin right away. You can take 2-5mins break after every swim.

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Squatting contributes to your overall body stamina. Ladies even benefit from squatting as it turns to add a little more muscle to their buttocks making it a little bigger than they already have. Lose weight through squatting by burning more calories before they convert into fats. Build your thigh, straighten your backbone and add a little more muscle to your calf. Get that stamina, you need it.

The best way to lose more body fat is by running and when it comes to running, all you need is a pair of sneakers. Running also helps to build a strong core, improves posture, strengthens limbs. 30 mins of running each day will help regulate your cholesterol level and hence reduce weight gain. However, too much of it might put your knees to risk. So have a plan, twice a week will be enough.

Just like running, you only need sneakers for your jogging. The only difference is that you need to go slowly this time and keep your hills high with your toes firmly on the ground.  Jogging helps a lot in weight loss but you'd have to write down your schedules to be successful. You should jog every day and at least an hour or more at both morning and evening if you want fast results. Increase your distance if your body gets used to the process.

The aim of a successful workout is to burn as many calories as possible. With skipping you will burn enough calories. I don't think you need something unique before considering this cool workout. Just a skipping rope is enough. Even without it, you can still do some jumps using your hand in a position as if you hand a skipping rope. Just make sure you take 5mins rest after every 50 -100 skips. Skip as much as you can but don't overwork yourself.

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