10 Habits That Can Damage Your Kidney

10 Habits That Can Damage Your Kidney
10 Habits That Can Damage Your Kidney
Each time we talk about kidney health, it always get linked to lifestyle. When kidneys function properly, they contribute major support to our entire wellbeing by cleansing the body and reducing the risk of contracting illness. On the other hand, having a kidney that doesn't do its job as expected can lead to so many health problems. A damaged kidney will restrict the amount of waste products excreted from your system leaving you vulnerable.

Studies have shown that there are habits that can contribute to kidney damage. These habits includes excessive drinking and smoking, consuming too much salt, prolong treatment of illness among others. Skipping workout and eating too much protein plus holding on to nature's call/metabolic materials (urine & faeces) may also endanger your kidney's health.

Kidneys are so much important that you see people helpless when theirs are damaged. Don't damage your kidney hoping to get a donor. Its so expensive and not easy to find a compatible donor and I bet you don't want to find yourself in such a situation. Save your kidney today and be grateful you had the opportunity to do so.

Here are some habits that could be a major factor in kidney damage or failure.


Smoking is very dangerous as it has a direct impact on your blood pressure and heart health. Engaging in smoking will damage your kidneys due to its way of narrowing your vessels in your kidney making it difficult for your kidney to function properly.


It is very important to excrete waste products as that's one major reason for kidney failure. When nature calls for, you should obey and attend to it. Prolonging will hinder the function of your kidney when toxins are kept in the body for long.


Make sure you consult your doctor on the amount of protein that is suitable for you. Some may vary as a result of how well their kidney already functions. Too much consumption of protein forces your kidney to overwork. We do know how important protein is but if your kidneys aren't good enough to work on all protein foods you consume, try to reduce your protein intake.


Alcohol is extremely dangerous to your kidneys and liver. It causes dehydration and dehydration will hamper the performance of your kidney. Your body need more liquid (water) to function well. Kidneys helps excrete alcohol from your body and drinking so much alcohol may cause your kidney to do extra job which may cause it to weaken.


Excessive intake of salt can cost you your kidneys. Canned foods mostly contain salt for its preservation. If you want to protect your kidneys, eshew or limit the amount of salt you take daily. Especially, people who add salt to already cooked meals with claims that the food is tasteless. This practice is extremely risky, avoid it.


Caffeine is fine but too much of it is dangerous. High consumption of caffeine can lead to high blood pressure which puts a lot of strain on the kidney. Anything that increases blood pressure is harmful to the health of kidney.


When you workout, you help the kidney to function well by removing waste materials through sweats. Workout also promotes blood circulation and can help you manage blood pressure.


Sleep is as important as life. Your body only heals while you're asleep and this includes your kidney. If you restrain yourself from having quality sleep you could possibly block your arteries putting pressure on the flow of blood which can result in kidney damage.


Medications can sometimes damage your kidneys. Taking medications such as antibiotics , painkillers, blood pressure drugs among other may contribute to kidney failure. Avoid prescribing drugs for yourself or taking extra/overdose (drugs) just because it makes you feel better.


kidney works more with liquid/fluid. Take a good look at what the kidney excrete; sweat, urine/urea which have more to do with water (liquid). If you subtract water from your daily activity, you'd have less of these excretion. Which only mean that you'd be keeping more water in your body. Always stay hydrated. Drinking 10 glasses of water or more daily will do you good. This can also be helpful to kidney patients.

If you find this article on habits that may damage your kidney helpful, do share with a friend. You might just end up saving a life. Sharing they say is caring ♥

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