7 Home Remedies for Burns

Home remedies for treating burns

As often as we cook or use heated objects we are vulnerable. Burns happen all the time, at home when cooking, outside from sunburn and at workplaces when pouring a cup of coffee.

When this happens, all we want at the time is to reduce the pain and agony as soon as possible. Most of what we use as first aids may be bad to the skin which may cause other skin implications.

You being home, you're left with no choice but get some first aid that can help relieve the pain and possibly reduce inflammation.

There are some home remedies that can help in this situation. Especially if your burns are minor. I'd advise you consult your doctor if your burns are beyond how you define minor before applying any medication on it so he can inspect the burns and suggest the best treatment for you. Below are some home remedies that can help you in treating burns.

1. Treat burns with aloe vera

We all know the health benefits of aloe. But if you didn't also know it can be used to treat burns then you've underrated this great plant. Aloe helps reduce the pain and also reduce inflammation.

2. Treat burns with tea bags

How many of you knew that tea bag helps minimize the pain of burns? Well, it wasn't so long before I found out also.  I got burnt once and my mum dropped a (wet) used tea bag on my burn, it works like magic.

3. Treat burns with honey

The taste of honey is delicious that we forget to find other uses for it than to eat it all, LOL. Honey has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property which is good for treating burns. Just rub a little on the affected area.

4. Treat burns with cool water.

Don't ever place ice or cold water (substance) on burns but its okay if you want to wash it with some cool water. When I say cool water I mean it shouldn't be cold nor hot. Just an ordinary clean water. Place cool water on the burnt area for at least 10mins to relief pain.

5. Treat burns with oats

Oat helps to reduce inflammation. This can be useful in healing burns. Soak a cup full of oats and mix well to get a good solution. You can either sieve or deep your burnt area into the solution. This will help you control inflammation and speed up the healing process.

6. Treat burns with vinegar

Vinegar has a natural pH which can be used to treat burns. It is an antiseptic which minimizes pain, inflammation and inching. Soak a clean cloth in vinegar or a vinegar solution (vinegar + water) and place it on the affected area to help speed up its healing process.

7. Treat burns with salt

Germs and bacteria are not good friends of salt. Make a mixture of salt solution and wash the affected area thoroughly with the solution to prevent it from additional infection(s). This also helps in the healing process.


◆ Never treat burns with oil.
◆ Avoid placing ice on burns.
◆ Eschew using toothpaste.
◆ Avoid applying butter on burnt spots.

Don't be worried when your skin begins to peel off, that's part of its healing process. See your doctor if the burns remain the same or get worse after some days for appropriate treatment.

If you find this article on home remedies that help in treating burns useful, do share. Your comments are also welcomed.

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