Stay Hydrated: Techniques To Help You Drink Extra Glasses Of Water

How to drink more water
Creative ways to drink more water
It is very important to stay hydrated and this is why you have to find creative ways to consume more water each day.

1. Get An App Reminder.

We sometimes forget we need a glass of water at some point in time. But, how do we remind ourselves when we're busy with office work, doing our day-to-day activities or spending some valuable time in front of our books for that exam which we can't afford to miss? Well, Get an app to remind you. Oh yes, there's an app or better still apps that can help you with your water intake but I'd share with you what I think its the easiest app to use which is the "water your body" app. You can get it on playstore for android users and iTunes for IOS or iPhone users.

2. Add Some Flavors

Drinking water can be quite boring that's why I recommend you add some flavors to help you drink more and more each day.

But it all comes down to you. What flavors do you find appealing? What flavors can stimulate your appetite for an extra glass of water?

To ensure you drink more water, consider adding some flavors like watermelon chunks, lemon, orange and mint to help change your attitude towards water consumption and enable you stay hydrated all day long.

3. Go To The Gym Prepared

I must confess, I often go to the gym or out to jog without being prepared. And when I say being prepared, I mean with my bottle(s) of water to keep me hydrated. The workout(s) will call for water and you not having enough is a bad habit you need to put an end to. When you go prepared, you'd have the opportunity to please your body by given it what it requests and that's another way to ensure you end your day with your minimum of 8 glasses per day.

4. Eat Your Water (Eat foods containing more liquid)

Yes, Eat your water! When you are lazy at drinking enough water (8-10+ glasses per day), you should consider using this technique of eating foods that can be substitutes of water. However, you should note that water cannot be replaced thus, water is water.

Foods like watermelon and coconut contains a lot of liquid and eating them can keep you hydrated.

5. Set Daily Targets.

We sometimes get motivated when we set goals we want to achieve. So, why not set a daily water consumption goal (WCG) which will motivate you into meeting your daily water targets.

6. Bottle Timer: Mark Your Bottles

When you mark your bottles and decide on which amount to consume at a time, it helps to keep you hydrated. For instance, the first mark on the bottle can be marked to be consumed by 8am, second mark could be completed by 10am and the third mark could be the last to finishing the remaining liquid in the bottle. You can go for the next bottle to keep up with your target. This helps you to consume a good amount of water each day.

7. Place Water Schedules In Between Your Daily Activities

You have a daily routine or tasks you have to complete at work. Find spaces between each task or activity to sip a glass of water. This is very effective when you schedule a glass per task. You can end up consuming 6-10 glasses by a day's job and an extra 3 or more before going to bed.

It is a good habit to stay hydrated and the best way to do this is to increase the amount of liquid or water you consume daily. However, since this is quite a difficult task, these creative ways and techniques can be a good guide to staying hydrated.

Your contributions, questions and views are always welcomed. And if you find this article useful, do share to help us grow.

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