9 Habits That Can Cause Massive Harm to Your Liver

9 habits that can cause massive harm to your liver

The liver is one of the most vital organ in the human body. The liver helps remove toxins from the body however, habits like drinking, smoking, drug abuse among others can damage your liver which may lead to so many health problems and even death.

Here is a list of some common habits that may damage your liver which may result in liver diseases and death if precautions are not taken.


Smoking kills! Smokers die younger. This saying is 100% true. Smoking does you no good and its high time you stopped smoking.

Smoking releases toxics into the body that reach out to the liver causing oxidative stress that produces free radicals that damage the cells.


Water is always and will forever remain the most important need the body requires. Dehydration may lead to improper removal of toxins from your body causing you to suffer from liver damage. "So as the liver loses hydration, it also loses its organ reserve, or what it uses to take care of the rest of the body." says Michele Neil-Sherwood, Functional Medical Institute and co-author of The Quest for Wellness. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily as water can help you loss weight.


It is not a crime to be obese, but obesity will lead to so many health issues. If you're overweight, you should be worried and find the right weight loss tips you can easily adopt to loss that extra pounds. Accumulation of fat around the liver can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This is referred to as non-alcoholic because this type of liver disease looks much like the liver disease caused by alcohol. Find the best workout and good eating habits that can help you lose that extra pounds in the best possible time to save your liver.


Alcoholism or alcohol abuse can lead to so many health implications and liver disease happens to be one of them. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcoholic liver disease causing your liver to contract making it difficult for the liver to remove toxins from the body. The effect of alcohol on the liver may become permanent if you continue abusing it over a period of time.


The human body can only heal and repair tissues while you're asleep. Having less sleep or practicing bad sleeping habits can cause oxidative stress to the liver. Find out how to have a good night sleep.


Excessive use of drugs can harm your liver. We mostly take drugs without prescription to cure a headache or stomach ache on several occasions. Overuse of drugs may reduce liver function causing irreparable damages.


If you love your liver, you should probably abstain yourself from unprotected sex especially with multiple partners. One major STDs that damages your liver is hepatitis B. Hepatitis is a potential deadly liver disease that can be transmitted sexual. Unfortunately, hepatitis is not only transmitted through sex but can also be transmitted through sweat by coming into contact with an infected person.


Workouts should be something you do on a daily basis and for no reason should you skip it. It doesn't matter if you're overweight or fit. Exercise and workout should be a must. This will keep you in shape and reduce your risk of developing health problems. During exercise, pores gets opened and perspiration increases. This improves detoxification which helps to keep the liver healthy.


Don't over eat! Eating extra meals means eating extra and unwanted fats. Make sure you eat enough of what your body needs and that includes fruits and vegetables. The more fats you consume, the more accumulation of fats you store around your liver. Unfortunately in situations like this, symptoms are mostly not visible until the situation worsens.

These are the common habits that may cause or lead to liver damages. You still have enough time to live healthy to save your liver.

9 habits that can cause massive harm to your liver

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