8 Smart Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress are so common and experienced daily. They contribute to various health problems including but not limited to hair loss, heart problems, hypertension among others.

Here are 8 smart ways by which you can relieve stress at home or at the office.

Listen to music

Music they say is a food for the soul. When you're stressed out, do take a break and listen to some good tunes. Listen to songs that make you feel calmer. Whatever it is that stresses you, music may be the magic pill. Don't forget to enjoy it with a cup of moringa or green tea.


Exercise gets your blood moving and releases endorphins that improve your mood. It also help fight against mental stress and anxiety. It is therefore right to exercise regularly to reduce stress as well as your wellbeing.

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Talk to your pet 

Studies say interacting with your pets may help release oxytocin, which is a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood. Isn't this awesome? If you have a dog you're fortunate but a cat or any other pet won't be a bad idea.


Does this sound weird? No it doesn't and yes cuddling might do the trick. A few of us know the link between sex and stress and this is why some doctors advice married couples to use this as a mechanism to control stress. Acts like kissing, hugging and other bed games can help reduce stress. Chimpanzees also cuddle as a way to reduce stress among themselves says Science Direct.

Reduce caffeine intake

There have been many studies that shows the importance of caffeine, especially with coffee. These studies still holds and they're facts. However, too much caffeine intake can increase anxiety which may result in stress. How much is too much? Well, people vary from one another and I can't determine the amount you should consume daily but keep it below 4cups daily.

Talk to a friend

Oh yeah call me, call him, call her! You'd be surprised at the level at which you can reduce stress. Share your problems with a friend, laugh over memories, it helps. Studies say people who have fewer social connections are more likely to feel depressed and anxious.

Breathe easy but deep

Breathing with ease is helpful in reducing stress. Taking a deep breathe once every minute helps control your nerve hence reducing stress. Taking a conscious deep breathe by inhaling and exhaling is one of the requisites for stress control.

Have enough sleep

Stress and sleep are interrelated. When you're stressed you might not sleep and when you don't sleep, you'd increase your stress level. Got it? Yes wow! So what do you do to control stress? Make sure you have enough sleep, at least 8hours within every 24hours. Go to bed early, turn off the light or make it dim, don't use your phone and turn off your t.v. set early to allow your eye and brain relax before you start your journey to wonderland.

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