Amazing Facts About Shoe You Never Ever Knew – Infographic

Some incredible facts about shoes you never ever knew. An Infographic on shoe facts and history. Let's go down memory lane!

Amazing facts about shoe you never ever knew (infographic)

For something as simple as a pair of shoes, it’s still hard to imagine getting through a few days without them. Shoes have been around for many years as we are aware but it’s almost as though we take them for granted. Of course, we all adore going barefoot at times when on the beach, when at home and walking around on nice carpets but for the most part, we need shoes to get from A to B, to make the journey comfortable and without injury.

However, shoes have a fashion variable too and so many of us still develop a huge sense of excitement upon the purchase of a new pair of shoes. Shoes play a part in significant moments too throughout our lives: for example, when we transition from babies to toddlers they are crucial to help us develop our stand and posture and walk.

Amazing Shoe Facts: Going Down Memory Lane

Here are some amazing facts about shoes that you probably haven't heard of:
  • It's estimated that human beings started wearing footwear about 40,000 years ago.
  • In the early 1300's, Britain establishes the first means to measure shoe size.
  • It wasn't until 1818 that the right shoe was invented; there was no distinction between shoes made for left or right feet. The first pair of right and left-footed shoes were made in Philadelphia.
  • The first lady's boot was created for Victoria in 1840.
  • The ubiquitous trainer or runner has only been around since 1868.
  • Until the end of the 18th century in Europe, clogs were what the majority of people wore on their feet.
  • 1889, The first time rubber soled shoes were referred to as "sneakers".
  • 1940's The first wedge shoe was created by Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo. He created a wedge base due to the economic sanctions against Italy meaning he could no longer purchase steel for his traditional heels.
  • U.S. women own an average of 19 pairs of shoes.
  • The most expensive shoes in the world are the House of Harry Winston's "Ruby Slippers" costing $3,000,000. They were created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous classic movie "The Wizard of Oz'.
  • Jimmy Choo constructed his first pairs of shoes at age 11.
  • The sex and City character Carrie Bradshaw's infamous shoe collection is estimated to cost more than $40,000.
  • 90% of the people who buy sports shoes now buy for casual wear, rather than for sport.
  • The 48 ballerinas of Britain's Royal Balletwear out 3500 pairs of ballet slippers a year.
  • 25th October is St. Crispin's Day and he is the patron saint of shoemakers.
Shoes are also momentous for occasions like weddings where many people invest in a beautiful new pair of shoes and the shoes themselves often even take centre stage in wedding pictures.

The guys at Walsh Brothers Shoes have put together this infographic which details everything you need to know about shoes. Who knew shoes could be so interesting!!

Guest post by Paula Casey, Marketing manager of Walsh Brothers Shoes

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