10 Breathtaking Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroots are natures gift to man. It has been used in the ancient days for medicinal purposes for treating and curing many diseases and illnesses which includes but not limited to cancer, stress, ED, inflammation, hypertension, leukemia among others. Beetroot is very healthy and nutritious and can be consumed in many ways from raw to cooked. Beetroots are rich in vitamin, A and B, calcium, fiber, iron, etc. Alright!

Here are 10 breathtaking benefits of beetroot;

10 breathtaking benefits of beetroot

Beetroot Helps Prevent Cancer

A study conducted by Howard University shows that beetroot can prevent lungs and skin cancer. Another study proves that beetroot can be used with carrot as a means of treating leukemia. And if this isn’t enough what about preventing prostate and breast cancer with beetroot? Beetroot contains betanin which aids in cancer prevention. Some say beetroot has one of the best anticancer property.

Beetroot Can Lower Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Beetroots are very helpful in treating high blood pressure or hypertension. A study says beetroots are effective than most of the hypertension drugs found over the counters. Individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease can prevent it by consuming a good amount (1≥4 cups) of beetroot juice on a regular basis. The juice of beetroot contains 100% of phytonutrients that can help reduce your blood pressure in few hours.

Beetroot Promotes Stronger Bones and Teeth

It almost impossible for foods that contain calcium not help in building strong bones. Beetroot is highly rich in calcium which is a requisite for stronger and firmer teeth and bones.

Beetroot Improves Sexual Health

A study conducted by Saudi Arabia proves that beetroot juice can help in treating sexual weakness (1). Beetroot has been used as an aphrodisiac since the Roman times. The nitric oxide found in beetroot increases the flow of blood. It also contains a good amount of boron, a mineral directly related to the production of sex hormones.

Beetroot Promotes Brain Health

The nitrates in beets are converted into nitric oxide which allows the brain to communicate with each other to ensure a healthy and well-functioning brain. Beetroot is also believed to help in treating dementia and also reversing an aged brain quite to that of young adults.

Beetroot Has an Anti-Aging Property

Beet contains vitamin A and carotenoids which are said to be good for the skin. They also contain lutein which is effective in fighting wrinkles. How? The antioxidants in beetroot protect the skin by neutralizing free radicals. It also helps to protect the skin from sunburns.

Treat Anemia with Beetroot

Science has made us understand that deficiency of iron causes anemia. And as at now, we both know beetroot is rich in iron, so why not treat anemia with this magical food? Kick the ball with a glass of beet juice and that’s how your recovery begins.

Beetroot Is Good for The Liver

Beets are rich in irons as stated above. It also contains calcium, fiber, betaine among others which are essential in eliminating toxins. Beetroots can also protect the liver from damages as well as reducing stress among others. Beets also helps to thin the bile, which is good for liver health.

Beetroot Aids Digestion

Having beet juice daily helps break down food faster as well as stimulating your intestines for proper digestion. Regular consumption of beet can boost blood quality as well as liver health. A study has shown that beetroots, mostly the ones red in color are used for treating digestive disorder and constipation.

Beetroot Can Be Used to Treat Inflammation

No one likes inflammation, it sucks but you don’t have to worry. Beetroots are very effective in treating inflammation. The fiber and betalains content in beetroot makes it one of the best anti-inflammatory foods to be discovered. An Egyptian study found that the extract of beetroot can be used as a treatment for inflammation of the kidney. (2)

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