Guide to Weight Loss

We have been exposed to many contents online which claim they do the magic of helping you attain your fitness and weight loss goals. However, here we are still looking the same after dedicating our time to various workout plans.
Today I will share with you this guide to weight loss and if weight loss is really what you’re hoping for then stick to it and you’d be amazed at the outcome. But hey! Let me make this clear, we all differ and I advise you consult your doctor for the best advice on how to lose weight or what could be best for you.
While trying to lose weight, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle and this mean, you can’t go back to eating fast foods and all the junks once you reach your weight loss goals. Let’s waste no time, here are 10 best things you should be doing to reach that goal.

  • Do Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises help in weight loss. It helps in burning calories as well as boosting mental health. Aerobic exercise also works on your cardio and can be very effective in losing belly fat.
  • Walk 60 Minutes or More Daily.

Walking 60 minutes a day can be greatly helpful in losing weight. Research shows that 30 minutes’ workouts might just be enough to prevent weight gain. However, extra workouts after 30 minutes can help you burn additional calories. Another research shows that walking 45 minutes a day can help you lose 30 pounds in a year without having to change how much you consume. 60 minutes a day can help you lose a little more. (1)
  • Avoid (Too Much) Sugar (Cut it down)

Sugar! Oh, sugar you're so sweet but you're deadly. Research shows that sugar consumption is highly associated with the risk of obesity and if this isn't enough reason why you should cut it down then what about having heart disease, diabetes (type 2) among others? Say no to sugar and that includes foods with added sugar of which examples are fruit drinks, soft drinks, soda among others.
  • Go Out, Play and Have Fun

Don’t lock yourself up during holidays. This is one of the best time to burn more fat. Don't be surprised, I am aware of how much junks foods you may consume while hanging out with families and friends but hey remember you have to stick to the plan at all times. Going to the beach during holidays and engaging in sporting activities like swimming, running, singing and dancing and playing volleyball both on the shores and in the sea can help you burn enough calories.
  • The Best Meals Are Made at Home, Eat Them.

Most of the foods we eat outside of our homes contain high fat. Like many restaurants, we are often served with heavy meals just to please us. Eating at home can help you make your own decisions like, what to use in cooking and how much you should serve yourself.
  • Eat Fruits, Avoid Drinks

Fruits are very healthy. Eating fruits such as apple, banana, watermelon, and pawpaw (papaya) among others can keep you full for some time hence keeping you away from your plate of food which may help limit weight gain. Studies say a daily serving of sweetened beverages is linked to a 60% increased risk of obesity in children. (2)
  • Is It 2km Away from Home? Walk!

Enough of the Uber and Taxi. Did I mention your car keys? Oh yeah, put that down too. How do you expect to burn calories when you're always driving in an air-conditioned car and living in an air-conditioned house? Cut it down! If you're driving to a place nearby, walk instead and you'd be burning down some fat. 
  • Brush Your Teeth After Dinner.

This seems more like a good practice but this isn't all about dental care. Brushing your teeth right after dinner helps remind your brain that you're done for the day. Although there aren't many studies on this, it has been recommended to many people controlling their weight and it has been quite effective many says.
  • Turn on The Music and Shake That Ass Off.

Music is a good way to relieve oneself from stress but hey have you thought about the connection between music and weight? Well, you just did and what were your thoughts! When last did you dance to a bang? Don't wait for parties or night clubbing before you shake that ass off. Do it every day, at least before you hit the shower after a day's job and you'd be amazed at how much pounds you could probably get rid of within a very short time.
  • Stick to The Plan

It gets so boring when you do something for a while, most especially when you don't see any result in the shortest possible time. Keep calm and stay focused, you know what you're up to so keep pushing harder. Consistency pays off so don't be tempted to take a bite of any junk food.

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