How to Be a Better Person: 12 Ways to Self-Improvement

There’s no way you can be better by being who you already are, you need to improve to be better. Self-improvement is a must not for me but for everyone. It adds value to you and makes life easier day-in, day-out. You don't have to focus on improving yourself only this year. It should be a habit. Practice self-improvement daily for your betterment. If you’ve ever questioned yourself on how to be a better person then, your next question should be; have I become a better person? Before that, here are 12 ways to grow into a better person.

12 ways to be a better person starting today

1. Encourage Yourself

When someone encourages you, you go beyond boundaries and limits but the truth is, you can't always find people to encourage you. Do it yourself! When you're working towards something be happy with yourself, be proud and find something that motivates you to push harder (The excitement with success should be one) and when you finally get good results, celebrate. You deserve it!

2. Read

Reading improves your mental health as well as your emotional intelligence. Reading one hour a day can help you become a better communicator. Grow in knowledge by spending quality time with books. If you can't read books, just read something online or this very blog.

3. Make New Friends

I have always spoken well about this. Everyone has to make friends. It’s quite unfortunate you won't be absolutely sure when selecting who a good friend is but you know what qualifies someone to be a good friend. However, what you need to know is, friends should add value to you, support you and help you make the right decisions. You learn from them and they learn from you. Making friends in other continents and countries is vital as it helps you learn more about the dynamics of culture.

4. Don't Assume, Be Sure

If you have doubts make sure those doubts are clarified. Never have thoughts about people when there's no proof to it. This can destroy you. Imagine yourself making assumptions about something that isn't true or have no strong backing. What if you act on that and it backfires? You're better off dead, you see? Always make sure you ask for clarifications when you have doubts about something or someone.

5. Be Confident

Confidence isn't arrogance.  Confidence itself is a motivation; building confidence will help you achieve goals. One of the reasons why we hardly attain our goals is fear. You can't wake up one morning full of confidence. Learn to derive the habit of believing in yourself and that should start now.

6. Be Strong

As humans, we are bound to face the hardships and struggles of life but don’t get broken nor discouraged. Never last forever, rather be bold and face the problem as you only can resolve them better because the strength is right inside you.

7. Eschew Excuses

Stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for your actions. It is right to own up to your mistakes and make corrections where there need to be. This is a great way to advance and be better for tomorrow.

8. Be Polite

Don’t raise your voice! You can add meaning to your words and maybe someone might misquote you for something you didn’t mean to say. You don't need to shout at people to prove your authority over them. This will only bring the animal in you.

9. Be Honest

The truth hurts but you’d have to say it either way. Come to think of it lies hurts the most. Always be clear and state without resistance the truth at all times. It shouldn’t always be about you. When your friend or loved one is going astray, put them right. Don’t hide the truth because you want to keep them happy.

10. Stay Calm, Control your Anger

When arguments emerge during discussions, be positive by staying calm. They say “anger kills you slowly”. In the long term, it affects your general behaviors and your relations with people. Don’t fail yourself by ending up alone.

11. Be humane

Have mercy. Feed your humanitarian sides by touching the lives of individuals, animals, plants (watering flowers). Show care and empathy for others, be helpful, and learn to question your rights and wrongs to be a better person each and every day.

12. Be Understanding

Do not criticize or undermine people for thinking differently or living differently from the way you do. Differences make the world rich in many aspects.

Improving oneself is key to being a better person. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Improve on your strengths if you have to and work on your weaknesses too for a better you. Think! Never speak or act before thinking. Get opinions from friends and families if you need to take a major step in life which you’re not sure about.

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