12 New Year’s Resolution Ideas - Make This Year Your Best Year

Do you have any resolutions? Although many resolutions are not carried out, you still need one. Here are 12 New Year's Resolution Ideas you can start now in 2018.

  • Don't Exist, Live
There’s a big difference between existing and living. Existing means you have life and you do absolutely nothing with it whilst living is quite the opposite. Make sure you live, find something useful and do it to the maximum. It doesn’t matter if you succeed or not, life is a learning process be happy.
  • Eat Healthily

You can do this! Stop eating sweets, fast foods among others. Enough of the outside meals and canned foods. Stay home, prepare something healthy and enjoy. This will help you consume fewer calories and help you achieve your weight loss goals or that 6 packs you need to show off.
  • Quit Smoking

Addictions are tough and we understand but this is something you’d have to give up on. It won’t come easy but with effort and focus, you can achieve this. Give it a try.
  • Stay hydrated

Don’t just stay hydrated but drink more water. The benefits of staying hydrated are numerous and you can’t ignore them. If your problem is drinking more water, then check out this article on techniques for drinking more water.
  • Learn to Save

The economy is getting tougher and tougher. You don’t have to plan on getting a new iPhone before you start saving. You should always do this, there’s no good day for saving. You’d definitely retire and shouldn’t wait until age 50 before you plan on that. Save for the future, save for unforeseen situations.
  • Make New Friends

It’s so much easier to connect with new people and the world at large. Social media has been one major tool in making this a possibility. Don’t prevent good things from happening to you. Get to meet new people and you’d be surprised at the outcome as there are people you can meet who will motivate you and teach you new things. Try also to explore with people you have nothing in common with.
  • Don't Find Time, Make Time
There’s no way anyone can find time but you can actually make time and you should. Don’t stick to things that add less or no value to your life. Stop playing “temple run” and (or) “candy crush” when you can probably achieve something good with that time
  • Learn Something New

It feels really good to know something someone else doesn’t. It’s about time you acquire a new skill. There are a number of useful skills that will do you so much good if you had them. For instance, you should learn to play the piano, or study a new language (Spanish or French) or maybe you should try to code. You won’t regret having done this by the year ending.
  • Get Regular Health Check Up

Cars need maintenance and so does humans. Prolong treatments can be very dangerous and should be avoided. Get a regular check-up to be sure you’re in good shape for all the goodies this year has to offer.
  • Get a mentor, Coach or Counselor

You have a big goal; you have a plan so what next? Get someone that motivates you, a mentor. Yes, mentors are people you look up to, they have attained some heights and accomplished goals you’re yet to accomplish. Find them, get the best advice and learn from them.
  • Create a Budget

It’s crucial when you have to stick to your budget(s) but you can do this. It’s a matter of living within your means thus spending only what you have and start by saying no to overdrafts. Having a budget isn’t all about best practices but also a great way to help you save.
  • Have Regular Workouts

If you’re not working out find time to do that now and when I say now, I mean right now so get your ass up! Join a gym or workout at home. You don’t have to be obese to start working out. Being fit is a must and your weight shouldn’t be a reason. You can start by going for a walk around your neighborhood. It’s even easier if you do this as a team.
        We all have goals but how many of our goals do we achieve? Its new year and you’d find millions of people set new goals which they often term as “New Year Goals or Resolutions” if you’ve already listed your goals, just take a minute to ask yourself this very question. Do you see yourself achieving these set goals by 31st of December? If your answer is NO, you don’t have a goal but a dream.
So this is how to set goals. When setting goals, you’d have to follow a model which is termed as the “SMART MODEL” and Yes this model has been used in management and other aspects of life but we can also make good use of this to set our resolutions. This is what you need to know;
Specific: Be truthful to yourself, be clear on the mission. If you want to save twice more than you did in the previous year, just state that and don’t be like, I “might”, I “may” as this already shows you doubt your objective.
Measurable: Okay, you’re sure about what you want to achieve but by how much? Assign a weight, height, just put some measurement so you know exactly what you’re working towards. So say, I want to save a 1000 more cedis or dollars and this should be making sense.
Attainable: Are your resolutions achievable? Be sure, if you receive a salary of $1000 and your aim is to save $900 then you’re not being realistic but it doesn’t mean you can’t save this much. Get a part-time to achieve your goal. It simply means set goals your strength and resource can help you achieve.
Realistic: As the word says, be real. Know what you can do and do just that. Don’t aim for something you know deep down you can’t get even close, that’s a total failure.
Time-bound: Your resolutions should have a time frame. When do you intend to start and when are you expecting the results? This is important. You can’t be working for one goal all your life, there is more to life.
Your resolutions or goals should not only be SMART but be something that will keep you awake throughout the year. So make them interesting and let your goals be solid and fundamental (most pressing).
So now that you have read this, what now? Take a minute to share with someone. Its New year and this is a great way to get started. Tell someone you care about their future by sharing this with them. Happy New Year Y’all.

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