7 Signs He's in Love with You

 We all do fall in love sometimes but how do you know you fell for the right man? This signs will help you know if he’s really into you and he loves you for real. 

He Makes You His Priority

It is difficult for a man to make any woman his priority aside from his mum. Even with his sister, it depends on their relationship. So if he spends time with you, buys you gift and always make sure you have that smiley face then, he is down for you.

He Calls Regularly to Check On You

This is much simple than you can ever imagine. If he doesn’t love you enough, why would he call you in the first place not to talk about asking if you’re alright? It is true that men try to hide what they feel. It is assumed that showing your emotions becomes their weakness but hey, just allow that dude to keep acting smart, as far as he calls you randomly with no reason at all, just know he’s locked down.

When He’s Opened And Honest With You

You shouldn’t expect a guy to tell you everything that goes on in his life if you come last on his list. Being honest with you only mean one thing and that is love. He doesn’t want to lose you and for that, he wants to play safe by telling you what you need to know.

He Corrects You When You Go Wrong

When you like something so much, you do almost everything to protect and keep it as good as you can. If he adds value to you and helps you correct the wrongs, then he is really into you.

He Defends You Against Whosoever

Don’t get this wrong! This isn’t an assurance that when you act silly intentionally he should stand up for you. He can’t pretend you’re right when you both know you’re not. Nevertheless, a man who is really into you will defend you, protect you and will only correct you when you’re alone with him so you don’t feel bad. If he has these qualities, he loves you truly.

He Keeps Important Details of Each Conversation.

When you say something important, he never forgets about it. He doesn’t because if they are important to you then they are for him too. He values your words and that’s a good sign of a great man.

It Is Always “We” And Not “Him”

If he makes his accomplishments and achievements yours, you’re not wrong about him. If he calls you and goes like; “Hey baby, we just got employed” Oh my… There’s no other way to show love other than this. 

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