10 Things Every Woman Want to Hear from Her Man

Have you ever wondered what women wish you said? This is something we all wish we had an idea about but it isn't easy to come by. However, we have a list of things most women wish their men could say if not always, at least most of the time.

10 Things Every Woman Want to Hear from Her Man

What Every Woman Want to Hear From Her Man

Baby, I’m Only a Phone Call Away 

Women like attention so just give it out. She might not want all the gifts you buy her; it doesn’t mean she’s unappreciative. She loves the attention more.

Is There Anything I Can Do for You? 

Don’t always wait for your woman to ask for little things before you do them. If you can’t surprise her with something special, then ask if there’s anything you can help her with and she’ll appreciate you.

What Do You Have to Say About this? 

The fact is, everyone wants to feel useful. I bet if you ask for her opinion, she’ll feel that you care about what she has to say and that she isn’t left out in decision making. It's one good way to building trust

You know what? I’m doing the cooking! 

She doesn’t have to do the cooking always. Be useful too and make her feel like a queen even if it lasts for a day. You can go to the market together and get what you need for your meal. Hold on! Don’t get too excited, 

I know most men aren’t good at preparing meals but you don’t have to be a good cook either. Here’s the thing, if you end up cooking well, you both enjoy the meal together and if it goes bad, don’t worry you’ll both laugh about it. 

She’ll appreciate your effort but do try to make something nice and if you’re still lacking on experience, do some research and watch some videos online, it helps.

Is There Anything You Want to Tell Me? 

Asking your woman if there’s anything she’ll like to say boost her confidence to speak should there be anything bothering her. 

Maybe you did something wrong but she can’t put it to you. But by asking her, you’ll give her a bit of assurance that you’re ready to hear her out and help if possible.

Honey, Can I Share This Secret with You? 

Before you share your secret with anyone, there’s always a level of trust and this is no exception. Even before you share your secret with her, asking her if you can, alone is enough to make her day.

We’ve Got This! 

10 Things Every Woman Want to Hear from Her Man

Show how much you value what you have together by making her problems yours and reminding her that you’re both in this together. 

It feels good to know there’s someone who is willing to help resolve your issues. Even if hope is lost, this will rekindle her hopes and light up her confidence.

You Look Amazing Without Makeup 

Do you know how much time women stay in front of the mirror just to add a touch of perfection to their beauty? Can you ask yourself why she even does this? Well, you just answered. They love to hear it always so keep telling them.

Tell Me about Your Day 

Take her mind off what she had to do during the day. Once she says it, she takes her mind off it. It does not only relieve her from stress but she also feels you like listening to her and that you care.

I Love You 

Don’t wait until she asks. This is something you should always tell her. It’s a short sentence but it’s worth a million words. I love you does magic and it can end an argument in the next second.

I’m Sorry 

You can’t always be right and even if you are, you can’t be perfect and this is undebatable. It’s best to admit as soon as you realize you were wrong.

10 Things Every Woman Want to Hear from Her Man

So, here are some exciting words to tell your woman. These are definitely things most women want to hear you say. Why don't you give it a shot.

Your turn! Ladies, is there anything you wish your men said? Guy, did you say anything she liked that I haven't included in my list? Let me know. 

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