10 Foods That Will Help You Live Longer – According to Science

Everyone wants to grow older or live longer but the question is “what do I do?” It’s unfortunate you can’t live forever and might not have control over some happenings but there’s always a solution to a problem or at least something to help reduce the damage(s).

Before you start thinking about how or what to do, you should first examine yourself. What do you eat and how do you eat them? There’s a possibility that you’re eating the best of foods but might have just been eating them wrong. Well, our topic today won’t be on the right way(s) to eat but on what to eat. So without wasting time, science says if you eat these foods you can live longer.

 Substitute Meat for Fish

Meat and fish are both good sources of protein, However, fish is healthier as compared to meat. If you’re a lover of meat of which you’re finding it difficult to push aside, limiting the consumption can do you a lot of good. Most fishes like salmon and sardine are packed with omega-3 fatty acids which also delays aging.

Beetroot is just another great food that everyone should consider adding to their meals. The benefits of beetroot are numerous and its recipes are fantastic. Next time you are in the kitchen, don’t forget to add some slice to your salad, stew or soup. You can also prepare a delicious smoothie with beetroot but hey, don’t forget to pour me a cup. 

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Blueberries, berries and the like are not just delicious or tasty but are also rich in vitamin C and K and not forgetting fiber. They also contain a powerful amount of antioxidants that help to fight against aging and promotes brain health. 


Did you know avocado contains higher level of potassium than banana does? That’s not all. It is also rich in vitamins K, E. C. B5 and B6. If eating avocado is not as easy as eating banana, you can try adding them to meals. Like placing slice on rice and salad. Avocado can also be eating along with bread.

Brown Rice

Why not white rice? Healthy foods often come in appealing colors. Just like you should substitute white sugar for brown sugar, you should do same for brown rice as it is very nutritious and healthy to consume. Brown rice are rich in fiber and prevent the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. It also reduces cholesterol level among individuals.

Olive Oil

It is french-fries or potato? You tell me, what do you want to fry! Olive oil should be your most used oil. Olive is not only healthy but also not too expensive even though it is said that “good things come in heavy prices”. A study say, Olive oil can be used to combat aging. 

Green Tea
A good breakfast is a happy day! This isn’t to say taking green tea always is a guarantee to a happy day. Don’t get it twisted! Do consider having a cup of green tea for breakfast at least (3 times) thrice a week and you are going to help your heart to help you live longer. A Japanese study found that heavy drinkers of green tea tend to live longer than those who don’t.
Even if science should say no, I’ll say yes! Although spinach was one veggie I didn’t enjoy while growing, after reading on its numerous and nutritional benefits, I told myself there’s no way I’m letting this pass by and I have since been adding it to my regular meals and recipes. On the other hand, my mum who loved spinach and uses it almost daily is over 50years young and I bet she’s still looking as young as someone in her 30’s. I’m not surprised, Spinach is rich in vitamin K which could help to combat age-associated cognitive decline.
Okay here comes “THE BOSS”! Not everyone likes this food or spice as its preferably called due to the high smell and burning sensation. Garlic has the potential of extending life. It is a good food for the heart as it regulates blood pressure and inflammation. It is also packed with antioxidants. I recently spoke to a friend and I was motivated to start a 21day challenge by swallowing one garlic a day but unfortunately, I skipped a day and its ruined LOL. However, I’ll start all over soon and you can also join the challenge but if you think raw garlic is crazy then, you can blend them with fruits, that can be gentle in the mouth.
Don’t wait until the next Valentine’s Day before you buy yourself some chocolates. A study by Harvard 1999 shows that men who ate chocolates regularly lived longer than men who ate none. The study was conducted on 8,000 men.
Another study in 2009 (Karolinska Institute in Stockholm) shows that patients who suffered heart attack were 44% less likely to die in the next 8years if they ate chocolate once every week. Chocolate is very healthy and it is often referred to as the food of love. So show yourself some love.

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