7 Breathtaking Health Benefits of Spring Onion

Spring onions are mainly used in dishes to make food tasty. Did you know spring onions were grown in Chinese gardens over 5000 years ago? Spring onion has a combination of health benefits which includes vitamin A, C and K. As well as sulphur and antibacterial properties.

Health Benefits of Spring Onion

Reduces the Risk of Cancer.

Spring onion is also cancer-fighting food. It is rich in a sulphur-containing compound called allyl sulphide that helps in reducing the risk of developing colon cancer.

Improves vision (eyesight).

Just like carrot, spring onions are rich in vitamin A which is a requisite for good sight. It also contains carotenoid which is an eye-protective agent that improves the health of the eye.

Spring Onion Reduces the Level of Blood Sugar in the Body.

The sugar level in blood can be reduced with spring onions. Spring onions are rich in sulphur. Sulphur is required to produce insulin which is needed to protect you from diabetes.

Improves Bone Density.

Spring onions are rich in vitamin C and k which is vital in maintaining stronger bones and proper functioning of the bone as well as it's density.

Spring Onions Can be Used in Treating (Common) Cold.

The antibacterial property of spring onion makes it an effective formula for treating cold and flu. It can be used during winter cold to give you some relief. Spring opinions also stimulate the activities of the respiratory system.

Spring Onions Aids in Digestion.

Research has made it known that foods rich in fibre aids in digestion and spring onions happens to be one of those foods. Including spring onions in meals and salad can help you fight issues of digestion.

Protect You Against Infections.

We now know some health benefits of spring onions. Did you also know spring onion prevents stress? Well yes, it does. Spring onions promote blood circulation and also help to absorb vitamin B which reduces stress. It contains antioxidant that protects the body's tissues.

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