4 Natural Ways to Remove Makeup (Makeup Cleanser)

4 Natural Ways to Remove Makeup (Makeup Cleanser)

It just happens that most females cannot go a day without glowing in makeup just to add a touch of beauty to their skin.

Using cosmetics is fun but we should know they are not 100% safe as they contain chemicals. What we have to do is get rid of them when we're through the day's activity or back from a date or work. 

Never go to bed with makeup on. It does you more harm than good. It increase your chance of aging, may cause eye infections and can also expose you to acne (pimples) as they go deep into your pores.

How to Remove Makeup Naturally at Home

1. Baking Soda + Honey

Honey and baking soda have been applied in most home remedies and this happens to be one of them. This combination is an all round makeup remover. Which means, it works effectively on any type of makeup. All you need is a little organic honey on a clean cloth and sprinkle some baking soda on it to clean up your makeup.

2. Cucumber Juice + Coconut Oil

The combination of coconut oil and cucumber juice can also work pretty good on cleaning makeup. All you need is the coconut and cucumber  (juice) solution and a piece of clean cloth. Dip the cloth in the solution and massage it onto your face to cleanse the makeup.

3. Remove Makeup Naturally with Warm Water (Steaming)

This practice can be done in two ways.

Firstly, you can get yourself some warm water and deep into it a clean cloth. Apply the warm wet cloth on your face and hold it there for some time until you feel it has done its work. You can do this as much as you can to make sure your makeup is cleaned.

Secondly, place warm (not too hot) water into a basin and lean over it. The warmth of the water will open your pores and help in cleansing your skin. What next? Just a mild cleanser and water will be enough t get rid of the troublesome makeup.

4. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil + Cloth/Napkin

It works perfectly well for people with sensitive or dry skin. By the way, I advise you go with coconut oil as it has been the most used remedy.
Place your napkin or piece of clean cloth in a clean container. Then, get 2tps of coconut oil and heat it till it gets a pretty warm and pour it on the napkin for it to soak. What next? Leave it overnight and thereafter, keep it in a plastic bag and use it anytime you need it.

However, just make sure you have enough oil on the napkin but not too much as this won't be good.

I hope with these natural home tips you can now clean your makeup with ease. Oh, before I forget, it is also possible to clean makeup with baby wipes. Don't tell me you didn't know about this! Well, it isn't late, you do now. Don't forget to share and subscribe for more tips like this.

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