Things You Should Never Do When You Start Dating

things you should never do when you first start dating

Dating has been one of the most common ways to get to know your newly met partner before taking the relationship to the next level or decide if you want to marry them. However, when we start dating, we find ourselves doing all sort of things in the name of love. Most of the things we do create cracks in the relationship which may hinder the progress of the relationship. Some relationship may work out after starting wrongly but may suffer trust issues and/or other common relationship problems if those mistakes are not corrected along the road.

However, before you start going on dates, here are some mistakes you should never do when you first start dating.

Things You Should Never Do When You Start Dating

Don’t Share the Story of Your Life

 If your life story or history is all you’ve got to say, you either keep it short or forget about it. Discussing your life story on your first date will definitely bore your partner. Besides, your life’s story should be something that pops up bit by bit during the lifespan of your relationship and not a day’s topic. Well, do you think it’s right for someone you met only a few days or weeks ago to know all about your life? The question should be, what happens if the relationship doesn’t work out, will you be comfortable knowing how much they know about you? The choice is yours.

Never Find Flaws in Your Partner

When you start going out on a date with someone for the first time, it will be wrong to look out for flaws in them. It is highly possible that your partner may have flaws as no one is perfect but questioning them and going deep into a particular topic may put them off which may ruin your relationship. Be calm, don’t rush into finding flaws, you may be wrong.

Don’t Expect Too Much

You’re only going out for the first time. What you should be looking out for is a good meal, some refreshing drinks, sweet talks and I guess that should be all.  If you expect too much, you’ll get disappointed. It is most unlikely for your partner to please you to the extreme on your first date when all you know about each other is your names or a little more.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

Talking about your ex is a big NO. You’re either getting your partner bored or showing how good you are at talking about people. That isn’t all, your partner could get convinced that you haven’t forgotten all about your ex or better still, you’re finding it difficult to get them out of your head. However, if it is necessary that you talked about them, keep it short and brief.

Never Play Hard to Get

I’m not saying you should act cheap. The point I’m trying to make is you being between hard to get and an easy going individual. This way, you won’t bore your crush and this will keep the relationship going until you both decide to take the next step.

Don’t Search for Information Elsewhere

You just started dating this girl and you seem to know nothing or just little about her. What makes you think you can go find information about her elsewhere? Of course, that’s so wrong. Do you want to know all about her? Ask her! Don’t go stalking them on social media. For all you may know, the information provided there cannot be relied upon. As you already know, not everyone is ready to give all information about themselves to the world (social media).

Don’t Try to be Intimate

Doing things wrong on your first day will create a bad impression about you and this can remain so for a long time. On your first date or when you start going out with someone new, keep intimacy out of your topic. I bet you don’t want your partner to get the wrong idea about you.

Eschew Lies

You can’t remember all you say daily so why say something you have no idea about? Each time you make an untrue statement, you’d have to either keep remembering your lies or tell more lies to cover old lies. It’s even worse if you have to live your lies. Living a life, you’re not because you lied you were. I bet this is a job you won’t enjoy. Keep it real, tell them what you think they should know and avoid bragging.

Don’t Speed Up the game

Any move you make to work things faster; you’d be considered a desperate person which wouldn’t be nice. Take things slowly and let the relationship find its way to the top on its own. This way, you’ll have the time to get to know your partner very well before deciding if the relationship is something you want or not.

These are the top things you must avoid doing when you first start dating.

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