Warning Signs: You’re About to Get Dumped

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Warning Signs: You’re About to Get Dumped

When love finds you, it feels good. Sometimes you wish nothing else than it lasting for eternity but when fear sets in and tries to seize your joy, it gets frustrating. Then you begin to ask questions and may go to the extent of saying “You’re never lucky when it comes to love”

Break-ups in relationships are common. It isn’t always because someone cheated. It could be simpler, like little arguments, loss of interest among others.

We are often not lucky to anticipate the outcomes of our relationships. We are mostly shocked by the news of break-up or when our partners decide to leave us hanging. However, this shouldn’t happen to you. If your partner is showing these signs, you either get prepared or get them into talks by trying to resolve the issues affecting your happy relationship.

 The following are some warning signs that indicate you’re about to get dumped.

When Your Partner Spends Less Time With You Than They Used To.

It is obvious your partner is no longer interested in the relationship when the time you spend together gets limited. I know there might be exceptions like, they’re busy at work or have other issues to handle that can’t be forgone nor delayed. However, if there’s something rather than loss of interest, that can be discussed and this won’t leave you worried.

Unhealthy Arguments

Arguments in relationships are welcomed but it must be healthy, thus you both must be understanding and one must give in so it doesn’t move to the next stage. Arguments sometimes improve relationships and the bond between partners. So if your arguments mostly lead to fights and exchange of words then that’s a caution. You might not stay longer.

They Seem Happy to See You Go.
This isn’t about breakups, yet you won’t always stay together whether in a relationship or marriage. There are times when you have to go on trips either for business reasons or some other important reason. As expected your partner should be happy for your achievements and emotions should set in if you’re going to stay weeks or months away from them. If this isn’t the case and they wish you spend more weeks away, it might be they don’t want to see you around.

They Don’t Appreciate You Anymore.

It might not be exactly what they wanted but once you made an effort to get them something, you expect to be appreciated. Just a simple thank you will be the best way to appreciate someone after they have done something for you. Whether it was something you wanted or not, you must appreciate them. If this isn’t how it’s done in your relationship, then, you’re either at the wrong place or your partner doesn’t appreciate you enough and this is something you should be scared of. You can be dumped any moment from now.

When Promises Are Being Broken

Promises are not prerequisite for a long-lasting relationship. In my opinion, I’d be a happy man if no one promises me anything and vice versa unless that is what you want to feel safe in a relationship. If promises have been made in your relationship, which starts getting broken week-in-week-out, this is just to inform you that your relationship is sinking.

They Keep Secrets from You

What do you call secrets? Well, I don’t know what you term as secrets but here’s what I want you to understand. If the little things in your partner’s life are not known to you or if you only get to know through their friends or random people, then I’m sorry to tell you that they don’t value you. They should always tell you when something new happens in their life, good or bad, you deserve to know and this information are hard for you to obtain, you’re not in a relationship.

Situations varies and so do people. These signs listed may prove that you’re about to lose your position to another. However, it is always best to speak to your partner about developing issues in your relationship and find ways to resolve it.

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