What Men Wait to See Before Proposing Marriage

Have you ever wondered what make a man want to marry a woman? Are you the type of woman every man will want to spend their last dollar to get you that ring you want so much? That’s a question you need to answer! Before a man commits into marrying you, he might have seen some qualities in you that he wants to see in his wife. Well, you might have tried all your seductive tricks to get him propose but it still hasn’t worked out. What you should do is to entice him with things that he’s attracted to.

Here is a list of what every man want to see and wished their women were before they take the bold step into making them their wives

Appreciate Whatever He Gives You

Learn to say “thank you”. Anytime you appreciate someone for something they did, you’re empowering them to do it again or better next time. No gift is too small, whatever they give you, appreciate it. If he gives you a pair of shoe or a dress, wear that dress to his apartment or when you’re out on a date with him. This way, he feels you appreciate what he does for you.

Don’t Pressure Him

Even those who write in their curriculum vitae (C.V) or application letters that they are willing and able to work under intense pressure are nothing but “jokers”. Well, it is enough to get the job so I must admit I too do it but next time you hear them say this, just ask them “for how long” LOL. Men easily get frustrated when you’re always at their necks to get things done your way. In fact, you wouldn’t like to be in such situations so why put someone into it? It is true that pressure may bring out the best in people but this isn’t always true so sit up!

Be Honest

Ah! Honesty. Everyone want to be surrounded by honest persons but not everyone is willing to be honest. You wouldn’t marry a guy if you know he barely tells the truth, or would you? No! I wouldn’t marry a woman that tell lies. There could be times you don’t feel the need to open up but if it is something important, he has the right to know. It is difficult for many to trust these days, so you’d have to put up your best to prove that you can be trusted and that should begin with being honest.

Trust Him

This is quite similar to the one above. Men don’t like women that are insecure, it bores them. If you don’t trust him, it means you doubt him and his actions. This can also make you assume things you shouldn’t like, creating an image in your head about him cheating. If you always accuse him of something he hasn’t done base on your inability to trust him, I’m sorry, that gentleman isn’t thinking about a future with you.

Prove You can be Independent

Yes of course, he will be responsible but prove you can too. Most women are made to believe men want women that sit and listen. Don’t be fooled into believing this. Men actually want women that can inspire them and challenge them to doing greater things. Also, being independent mean you should have at least a job of your own or be able to finance the little things you need. Gone are the days where women were made to believe their place were at home and not school nor work. Many men today want to be with women that have something they can do to support the family. Situations may change and his pocket could be empty for a day or two, who knows!

Prove to Him That You Can Let Go easily

Don’t be a nagging girlfriend, you’ll end up alone. You should be able to let go. No one is perfect. He’s bound to make mistakes so when he does and apologizes, you should be able to forgive and let go, thus if he’s sincere. If you find it difficult to let go, there’s no way he’ll feel good around you. He just won’t be himself because he doesn’t want his next word to be misunderstood.

Respect Him

Respect should be given to everyone. However, men demand it the most because that’s the only thing that make them feel they’re men after all. Try not to oppose their ideas and if they’re wrong, agree before you disagree. You may say “you’re right baby, but why not this way?” Although you didn’t buy into his idea, they feel valued.

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