Health Effects of Placing Laptops on Your Laps

What are the effects of placing laptops on your laps? Is it harmful to place a laptop on your thigh? A possible question(s) running through your head at the moment? In this article we'll learn the health effects of placing a laptop on your laps. Keep reading...

Laptops or computers are electronic devices used to make work easier and faster. The primary uses of laptops are sending emails, surfing the internet, watching movies and listening to music among others. It is evident that laptops are an essential part of our daily activities.

Although the benefits of laptops are enormous, they could cause some hazardous effects on our health as an individual if we do not use them with care.

Health Effects of Placing Laptops on Your Laps

Laptop, as its name explains, is mostly placed on the laps of the user. However, with regard to research and health records as based on reported cases, laptops shouldn’t be used as its name recommends.

In this article, we have covered the reasons why placing laptops on your laps is a bad idea and we have also recommended some best practices that may be very helpful to you.

What Are The Health Effects of Placing Laptops on Your Laps

Reasons why placing laptops on your laps is a bad idea:

Placing Laptops on Your Laps Can Affect Your Fertility

For whatever reason, we don’t know why the testicles were planted outside the male’s body. However, we must agree that the CREATOR is wise. The heat in the human body can damage the male reproductive organ and for that reason, it was left hanging outside. According to a research, there is a direct link between the use of laptop and male infertility. (1) Wireless connections via laptops have also been shown to pose the risk of low sperm count according to an Argentine study. Placing of laptops on your laps can immensely affect your scrotum sac which is a container for storing semen. Another study reestablishes the dangers men could be facing if they placed laptops directly on their laps.

In addition to the damages caused by laptops on men’s fertility, it has also been established that females are also endangered when they’re exposed directly to laptops and are even at a higher risk if they happen to be pregnant. (2) As it can also affect their offspring due to radiation and the wireless internet signals known as microwaves it receives. (3) Another study by “The Environmental & Occupational Health Publication” found that women who use laptops in close contact with the body are at risk of detectable impairment to the health of their offspring.

Placing Laptops on your Laps May Cause ''Toasted Skin Syndrome''

Toasted Skin Syndrome also known as ''erythema ab igne'' is caused by continuous use of laptops placed directly on the laps of the user. Laptops are known to be heat generators. Not only laptops, but other electronic devices are too. Placing laptops on your thigh or lap will not only damage the production of semen in men or damage the ovaries of women but can also damage your skin over time. Although some studies say the effect of placing hot laptops on your lap can be resolved naturally over time, it is still necessary to avoid this habit of using your laptop in such a manner as they are also serious dangers involved.

Laptops May Also Cause Skin Cancer

There have been concerns raised towards the possibility that cell phones may cause cancer. It has also been stated that children are likely to be at a higher risk. An article (on explained why there’s a possible link between cellphone and cancer. (4) Laptops, on the other hand, has also been associated with skin cancer. A study by Swiss researchers, Dr. Andreas Arnold and Peter Itin from the University Hospital, Basel found that a hot laptop placed on your lap could lead to skin damage and skin cancer. (5) A dermatologist, Anthony J. Mancini also said prolonged skin inflammation can increase the chances of squamous cell skin cancer.

Placing Laptops on Your Laps May Cause Back Pain

Back pain can be a severe and hard to bare experience. Instead of hunching over your laptop, you can place it on a table and have it straight “face-to-face” to have the best view and not stress yourself by hunching over it or bending. The Harvard University recently published an article on how to prevent back pain while using your computer. (6) You can check it out to avoid the stress you'd have to endures.

Placing Laptops on Your Laps May Cause Insomnia

There are a number of reasons why one may have a sleeping disorder or insomnia. Most individuals are fond of placing their laptops on their thigh or lap to read their emails or check out the latest in the world by reading online news. The habit of reading on your laptop at night is not the best, as it can prevent you from having the best of sleep. This is because the light ray from the screen of your laptop can suppress the release of melatonin which helps you get some sleep or makes you feel sleepy. You can reduce the effect by reducing your screen’s brightness or downloading the extension on your browsers to enable night mood feature.

Health Effects of Placing Laptops on Your Laps

 What Do We Recommend You Do Instead?

  • Instead of placing laptops directly on your laps, you should have it placed on an absorber. It can be a heavy or thick cloth or even a hardwood or book to avoid the direct contact on your skin. 
  • You can as well use a laptop radiation shield.
  • They are also laptop coolers and/or desk that laptops can be placed on to avoid direct contact with your skin. 
  • We also recommend that you avoid prolonged use of your laptop to enable you to get a good sleep. In addition, always be sure that your laptop isn’t too warm. Avoid placing them on your laps if you notice the change in temperature. 
  • The last but not least, we recommend that you always look out for the best specifications also known as specs when purchasing a laptop. They are some good laptops that do not get so hot.

Final thoughts on side effect of giving your laptop a resting place on your laps.

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