How to Prepare Ghana’s Kelewele Recipe [Spicy Fried Plantain]

Ingredients for Your Spicy Kelewele: [Recipe for two (2)]

5 Ripe Plantains. (soft but not too soft)

½ teaspoon of red pepper (Cayenne).

½ teaspoon of grinded ginger.

½ teaspoon of grinded gloves (garlic).

½ teaspoon of salt or a preferable quantity based on your taste.

Vegetable/Cooking Oil.

Method (How to Prepare Kelewele)

1. Place all your spice (ginger, garlic, pepper) into an earthenware and add salt.

2. Grind together your spices and salt.

3.  Peel of the ripe plantains and slice them into cubes.

4. Place your spice into a glass bowl and deep your cube-sliced plantain into it.

5. Mix by tossing. Until the spice gets to every side of the plantain and leave for 5mins.

6. While waiting, pour your vegetable oil into your frying pan and allow it to heat.

7. Be sure the oil is heated, then deep your spiced plantain into your frying pan and allow it to fry.

8. Look out for the brownish color while frying and turn your plantains over on the other side.

9. Remove after all sides are brown or golden. (Make sure it doesn’t get too brown. You might eat a burnt food).

10. Serve hot with roasted or baked peanut. You can as well serve with a fruit juice.

It is best served as a snack, dessert or starter. It all depends on you. J

Enjoy. Bon appetite!

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