8 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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8 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

In a few days, we will be celebrating fathers all over the world, and there are no better ways to celebrate dads than spending a few dollars to get them the best they deserve. Gift cards aren’t enough anymore. Spoil the old man with a beautiful and classy gift which should not be more than you can afford even though we can both agree they deserve more than we can actually offer.

Think of something he wished he had or something he won’t think of buying. Surprise him and make him happy for a week at least.

8 Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day


Won’t it be nice if you always get remembered when dad wants to check the time? Of course, it feels good. Get a cool priced watch for dad this father’s day and you’ll feel great anytime you see him wearing it.


Doesn’t the old man deserve to walk around the house in pyjamas too? Let’s see how fun that’d be. If he isn’t the type that’d wake up on weekends only to stay in his pyjamas for hours, then at least he needs to go to bed in a new pyjama.

Pair of Socks

It might be time for dad to change his pairs of socks, don’t you think so? He has been using these socks for over a month and he has totally forgotten about that. Gift him a pair of socks and allow his toes to feel what’s like to be in a new clothing.


Dad has got some nice shirts in the wardrobe but hasn’t been putting them on since he bought them or maybe just once or twice. You can make him feel cool in them when you buy him a tie to match those shirts.

Pair of Shoe

There are relatively low priced shoes which are nice too. Well, that’s if you’re on a low budget.

A Shirt

Is your dad fashionable or is he that cool guy who likes to keep it simple? You know him better. Get a shirt of his preference and let him get back the swag of his youth days.


Who doesn’t love a classy sunglass? Well, my dad doesn’t but yours might. I think I should show him pictures of people suffering from glaucoma. Maybe that’d convince him, haha. Anyway, if your dad is fascinated about fashion, a fashionable shade or sunglass might be something he’d be looking for.

A New Bible

If daddy is religious, a new bible won’t be a bad idea. His current bible might be old by now and he’d love to have a new one. Get him a nice Bible with a pen and a booklet to write his favourite quotations and church sermons.

This list will remain incomplete because you know best what your old man needs and his tastes and preferences. So I’d leave the rest to you. Drop your list of items that you’d gift your dad coming father’s day underneath this post in the comment box. I’d like to know and I’m sure other readers will like to know also. I might just end up making changes to what I want to give my dad.

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"Happy Father’s day if you’re a dad and happy father’s day to your dad if you aren’t."

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  1. Great list. I'll go for a watch.

    1. Watches are beautiful so yeah, that looks cool. And thanks.


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