Best Morning Workouts You Can Do at Home to Stay Fit

Best Morning Workouts You Can Do At Home

I’m going to be honest here, I had a hard time when I began my morning workout during the first few days. But gradually, I was able to adapt to my new lifestyle and it has been a step in the right direction.

It is often the most difficult thing to do if you have to wake up as early as you’d do on any normal day because you have to get in shape before hitting the shower and thereafter, maybe heading to work. However, it is necessary you do.

Workouts are important. Especially when you get the chance to do them in the morning. I call it a day booster as it has always kept me active during the day and more productive at work.

Workouts do not have to be “damn” serious in the morning. My morning workouts are more of a lazy man workout and I like it that way. It shouldn’t take much of your time and you do not have to be fatigued. Your morning workouts should be between 10 - 15mins, some may say otherwise.

4 Workouts You Can Do Every Morning


Squatting is one of the simplest but not an easy to do a workout. It involves composure and endurance. With your hands by your side and your legs opened slightly for balance, squat slowly until you reach a 90 degree. After which you pulse for 2 seconds before getting up to a standing position. Do 20 reps if you can and make sure you have a 10 seconds break after every 10 reps.

Squatting improves stamina and strengthens your core. It works more on your thigh and leg muscles and it is ideal for fitness.


What is a plank? Plank in workout is basically a type of exercise that works on the core muscles of the body. It reduces back pain, strengthens your core as I said earlier, reduces belly fat among others.

All you need is to get into a push-up position while placing your body weight on your arms. Keep belly muscles stiff and stay in the same position for as long as you can. For starters, 30seconds or a minute can be the longest they could endure.

Leg Lift

Abdominal muscles and cardio is a must. And leg lifting is the way to go. This is one of the coolest workouts that work more on your cardio and abs. Lie flat on your workout mat and face upwards. With your arms by your side, extend your legs up toward the ceiling and pulse when your body forms a 90-degree angle. Keep your back flat and pressed to the mat then lower your legs slowly back to the mat.

Make sure you go as slow as possible and keep your core engaged for the best result.

Jumping Jacks

If what you need is stamina, jumping jacks is another workout you should try today. It involves both thigh and leg muscles and is also good for the heart. Many of us have practised jumping jacks in our schooling days as it is one of the most common exercises we find ourselves doing. It is time to get back to your childhood game. 

Getting fit is not just a day’s job. You have to devote time and work consistently to achieve your targeted results. Be committed to your workout routines and you’ll soon see the results you’ve been working for.

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