10 Breathtaking Benefits of Sex You Should Know

10 Breathtaking Benefits of Sex You Should Know - Bold Nerds

Love making shouldn't be a topic for discussion since we all know its usefulness and its importance to both males and females. Its importance cannot be compromised as it is essential for procreation. The main goal for having sex is to make babies. However, there are other exciting benefits of sex that would make you want to do it weekly or even daily as long as you won't get bored doing the same thing all the time.

Exciting Benefits of Sex that You Didn't Know And Would Make You Want to do it Weekly


Love Making Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Lovemaking can be very important to men as it strengthens the prostate and helps maximize its functioning. A study found that men who have more sex and are able to ejaculate 21 times a month may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

May Boost Brain Functioning

Love Making May Boost Brain Functioning

Regular sex could be helpful to your brain. A study found that regular sex could promote an individual’s thinking analytics (1). It also helps grow more hormones in the brain that boost brain power.

Minimizes Risk of Heart Disease

Sex Minimizes Risk of Heart Disease

Exercises help to reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart-related problems and so does sex. Sex keeps your testosterone and estrogen level balance which helps stabilizes the health of your heart. A study also found out that men who have sex once a month are less likely to contract a cardiovascular disease. (2)

Minimizes Risks in Women During Pregnancy

Minimizes Risks in Women During Pregnancy

Really? Oh yeah, really! The same act that got you pregnant could also help you reduce the risk involved with its reward. Regular sex during pregnancy exposes women to semen which could reduce the risk involved in pregnancies by boosting the immune system. (3)

Lovemaking Also Improves sleep

Lovemaking Also Improves sleep

Does it sound weird? Yeah, I know how that sounds. We know how one gets tired after an extreme lovemaking. It's normal and mostly we hear this from the guys but that’s only a few minutes after the intercourse. Sex actually helps you release hormones that help promote relaxation which improves upon once sleep.

Sex is a Pain Relief

Sex is a Pain Relief

Sexual intercourse is actually reliefs you from several pains including arthritis pain, menstrual pain, back pain and many others. It also helps reduce headaches and even migraine as a study suggests. This is because sexual activity helps the body to release hormones that are responsible for reducing pain.

Lovemaking could help boost libido

Libido in a lay man’s term is what triggers a person to desire for sex. It is no coincidence that when you begin enjoying sex, you’d want to keep having sex as long as you can. This happens when there’s an improvement in your libido. It actually makes sexual activity enjoyable. Females, on the other hand, benefits from sex as it helps to improve vaginal lubrication.

Improves Urinary flow and Bladder

Sexual activity may improve the flow of urine and also help improve the bladder control of women. During sexual intercourse, the pelvic muscles are strengthened by the help of orgasm.

Fades Away Wrinkles

Sex Fades Away Wrinkles

Oestrogen, a hormone that gets released during sex has a great effect on your skin. Oestrogen helps to fade out wrinkles leaving your skin with less ageing lines. A study found that women who have sex each week have oestrogen twice as many as women who abstain.

Lovemaking Extends Life and Keeps You Younger

Lovemaking Extends Life and Keeps You Younger

One study in Australia found that individuals who have sex at least three times a week had a 50% chance of living longer than people who have sex once each month.

Research also found out that older people who have sex regularly are mostly and likely to look between 5-7 years younger than those who abstain.

So here are the "10 Exciting and Breathtaking Health Benefits of Sex You Had No Idea of". Like it? Let us know and don't forget to share it and subscribe below for exciting tips and advice.


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