How Your Shoes Affect Your Health - Infographic

How Your Shoes Affect Your Health

How can your shoe affect your health? Have you ever wondered if there are possibilities that your choice of shoe, how you wear them and/or the way you maintain them can actually be health threatening? Yes, they can and this post will help you understand why this happens and how to make the best decisions when it comes to selecting a shoe.

We all wear shoes and we have gone beyond just wearing shoes for its sole purpose of wearing them for fashion and style. When it comes to what to wear, many of you might differ in choice. Some may go for the brand while others might just rely on its comfortability.

But before we dive into the topic of the day, here are some facts you should know about your feet.

  • An average person (YOU) walks 115,000 miles in a lifetime and 8,000 – 10,000 steps a day.
  • Are you aware your feet make up ¼ of the total bones in your body?
  • Did you also know your feet has 60 joints, 200 muscles, ligaments, and tendons plus 8,000 nerves?
  • How does 9 in 10 people suffer at least a foot problem at some stage of their lives sound?
  • And did you know women are 4 times more likely to experience foot problems?
This should tell you how likely you’re to suffer a foot problem if you deny your feet the care and love they deserve. You can also read more about the history behind shoes and how come you’re looking smart in them today.

How Your Shoes Affect Your Health: What You Might Not Know.

Wearing Bad Shoes Can Lead to These Health Problems.

If you value your feet, you’ll always choose the right shoes to avoid foot problems and poor body posture.

People don’t realize that your feet are your foundation. If your feet are out of alignment, your body has to compensate. Your ankle has to tweak a little. Your knee has to tweak, your hip, your back.
Dr. Elijah Davies

This quote is simple and short but explains all there’s to know about wearing bad shoes. Nevertheless, there are also more detailed or probably a breakdown of what this quote had to say. Here they are:
  • Wearing Bad shoes may trigger back and foot problems.
  • Making the bad choice of footwear may contribute to poor posture.
  • Bad shoes may also trigger joint pain.
  • It may also cause impaired balance.
  • Wearing bad shoes may increase the risk of falling especially when they’re worn-out.

So What Shoes Should You Wear?

This was what a study found about the various types of shoes we wear. This should help you select the best shoe so you don’t risk your health for the love of fashion.
In 2011, a study found that individuals who wear heels on a regular basis are six times more likely to get osteoarthritis and people who wear flat shoes may face the risk of falling as flat shoe lack internal support. While those who often wear worn-out shoes may develop imbalances, place strains on muscles and tendons and may also suffer from back pains.

Here are a Few Tips to Consider When Getting Yourself a New Pair of Shoes

  • Always get your feet measured before trying out any shoe
  • Note that most people have one leg bigger than the other so put on both right and left shoes to make sure you’re indeed comfortable in them.
  • The sole of your shoes should be soft and well-padded to enable it to absorb shocks whenever you hit them against a stone or any object.
  • Always make the right choices, by selecting shoes made from natural materials like leather and cotton to help shape your foot to fit into them
  • Shoes you wear most often or every day should have shorter heels.

The infographic below gives you a more detailed and easier read on how your shoes can affect your health.

How Your Shoes Affect Your Health

Now, it is your turn. So, what do you think about the effects of shoes on your health? Have you had any problems as a result of the choice you make while getting a new shoe? What tips do you often go-by when getting yourself a new pair of shoes? We’ll like to hear from you as well. Drop them below in the comment box. Keep being BOLD & NERDY and please don’t forget to subscribe below for new posts and some goodies.

This infographic was submitted to BOLD NERDS by Paula Casey of Gabor Shoes.

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