11 Tips That Will Make Every Relationship Work

11 Tips That Will Make Every Relationship Work

Creating an environment to help improve our relationship has been all we've ever wanted. But then, we find ourselves wondering how this could be achieved. We sometimes think money and gifts could do the trick and I must agree to a point that it does work but not for all and not all the time. It could happen that gifts and cash work better in your previous relationship but won’t work in this or your next. Instead, there are a couple of great ideas that best work for everyone. Love is about care and affection and everything else is just an add-on.

So before deciding on shutting the door on your current relationship, make sure you’ve tried a few of the tips mentioned in this post to help restore the bond you once had as goodbyes are not always the best way to solving or repairing cracks in relationships.

So Here Are 11 Relationship Hacks That Will Help Restore the Bond Between Your Partner and Yourself and Make Your Relationship Work Out.

Be Realistic

What happens in the movies are not always true and shouldn’t be expected in life but I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream about them. Of course, you should as some dreams may become reality. There’s no heaven on earth. Most movies are ideas and just a few are real-life stories and perhaps not the one you just watched. Let us be honest, life never gets smoother but you have to learn to cope. So, don’t go about demanding things you know you can’t have in your relationship. 

Improve Yourself

Learn, improve on what you already know so you can be helpful in your relationship. Be the person you wish your partner was and don’t always expect a change in another while you remain the same. And keep in mind that, there is never going to be the right person, and no one will ever be perfect, we all have flaws. It should always be you trying to be better and learning to accept people the way they are, with their flaws and perfections.

Work Hard

If you happen to be a housewife, always try to keep the house tidy. Yes, it is a difficult job to do and sometimes you’ll need the help of another but it’s important you help with this while your man tries to make ends meet. And men, when you’re at home, help with the chores and cook if you can. It’s fun to be in the kitchen cooking while your wife stares to see your cooking skills.

Help them achieve something

It’s not always about buying the latest smartphones, jewels or the new sports kick. Sometimes, all that matter is to help them accomplish at least one targeted goal. Ask them what their goals are. Then, you can be able to determine what you can help with so they accomplish them. It makes them feel you’re also thinking about their success and not your only.

Surprise them

Let them know is not always about you but they matter. For the ladies, let your men know they don’t always have to be the ones to buy you gifts. Take them out and let them know you’re in charge today. Pay the bills if you can afford and let them feel how it is to be spoiled.

Always try to appear decent

Don’t dress to kill on your first date just to create a good impression. If you can’t stay up with the trend, don’t start it. Be simple, sharp and charming. Keep looking attractive always like you’re off to your first date. Everyone loves to walk with someone attractive and it comes down to how you define attractiveness.

Don’t Compete

Don’t ever compete with your partner, relationships should be a way to help each other that’s why it is a relationship because it's between two (or more) people. Whenever you want to compete, you do that with people outside that circle. When a partner stands a good chance at something, you support them and not compete. It is always going to be a win-win situation for you. In each relationship, you’re both team players. When things go wrong, it affects you both and vice-versa. When you work together, you stand a better chance of being successful.

Be Respectful

Respect is everything. I don’t want to be disrespected in any form and by anyone and I know you want same. Respect is like a seed, what you sow is exactly what you reap. If you want to be respected, you respect! It's simple as that. Most men command respect. Dude, it doesn’t work that way. You earn it and not command it. Respect your woman, treat her right and she’ll always feel safe around you. Even when they go wrong, you don’t correct them in public. Leave that for later when you’re together and alone you can talk things over.


Sometimes its hard to forgive but if you learn to do that, you’ll make things very easy in your relationship. It's better to end a relationship than having resentments over mistakes that have been committed by a partner. For you to forgive, you have to understand that we are humans and humans are not perfect. However, there should be a limit to what you accept. Forgiveness is important but it doesn’t stop you from moving on especially when you’re always been cheated on.

Have Time for them

Technology has been awesome and we can’t be happier. With technology, although we may have traveled a million miles away, our partners are just a call or mail away from us. Make use of innovation and make them feel you’re still closer than they think. However, this isn’t always the best. Try to make enough time to have face-to-face conversations. They’re so many things that can’t be talked over the phone. And make time also to take them out and have fun. There are so many beautiful places around you that could make a beautiful memory.

Compliment them

Complimenting does marvelous things in each relationship. Whenever you compliment your spouses, you make them feel they’re still worth it and reinstate the fact that you haven’t gotten tired or bored of them. Find the perfect words to compliment them whenever you think is right you do. Sometimes the best words are those you used in your early days of the relationship. 

11 Tips That Will Make Every Relationship Work
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So here are 11 hacks that will help everyone improve their relationship. What ideas do you think could make relationships work? Did we forget anything? let us know via the comment box. We’ll love to read them too.

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