10 Benefits of Meditation: What You’re Missing Out On

10 Benefits of Meditation: What You’re Missing Out On

There have been several myths surrounding meditation. Many believe it isn’t worth spending time on whilst others have discovered the tremendous benefits ever since they took few minutes off their daily activities to practice meditation.

For those who took a break from meditating because they didn’t see the positive effects, you’ll need to go back doing it because they're a lot of health, spiritual and mental benefits of meditation and maybe you didn’t do it right the first time.

If you’re reading this, its because you want to clarify all doubts about meditation and at least you’re 80% likely to give it a try if you should find the benefits overwhelming.

The reasons why people meditate are sometimes for stress reduction, mental health benefits among others but other times it is just for the spiritual benefits. Whichever reason you have to meditate, it is definitely going to add some great benefits to your life and health and moreover bring you closer to your God if you’re the religious type.

Below are some amazing benefits and reasons why you should consider meditating as a daily practice.

10 Benefits of Practicing Meditation

1. Meditation Helps Lengthen Your Attention Span

Spending quality time meditating daily can improve your ability to stay attentive for longer. The type of meditation that improves on your ability to stay attentive is called the Focused-Attention Meditation. 

This type of meditation helps to increase the endurance of your attention and helping you stay focus on tasks. One study shows that long-term meditation may increase gray-matter density, helping you to aware of yourself. (1)

2. Meditation Improves Sleep

Have you been having troubles sleeping? You must have tried various ways to improve your sleep and the results aren’t nothing to talk positively about. Maybe its time you tried meditation.

Meditation has been proven to improve the sleeping time of individuals. Thus, helping people fall asleep early and staying asleep for a longer time. If you’re having troubles sleeping, this is the time to take a different dimension by practicing meditation. (2)

3. It Reduces Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the highest causes of death today. Being a contributor to most heart diseases like heart attack, stroke among others, is it very important to go for a regular checkup to make sure it’s under control.

High blood pressure can be reduced by practicing healthy living. Thus, eating foods that are good for the heart and also regularly working out.

Another way of controlling blood pressure is by meditating. Studies say, when you meditate regularly, it tends to help you stay relaxed. Furthermore, it helps you lift pressure off the nerves and blood vessels that increases alertness when you’re stressing. (3) (4)

4. Meditation Helps You Reduce Stress

Another reason you should be meditating is that meditation is one of the best ways to control stress although there have been some proven alternatives which are equally good in reducing stress.

Freeing your mind from all that bothers you, needs some quality time meditating as it can do you a whole lot of good when it comes to stress management. (5)

5. Reduces Depression

Depression is an illness. Many do not recognize how dangerous depression and other mental illnesses are. But the good news is, when we meditate, the part of the brain that is responsible for regulating stress and anxiety shrinks, allowing us to remain calm even in stressful situations. 

A study proves that mindfulness meditation is very helpful in treating depression. (6)

6. Improves Your Memory

We all want to be able to remember what happens around us and people with dementia should be encouraged to practice meditation as often as they can. 

Meditation helps to enhance memory by improving on your ability to recall. Another study also shows how meditation improves the memory of people suffering from age-related memory loss. You can also improve mental quickness through meditation. 

7. Meditating Can Reduce the Symptoms Associated with Panic Disorder

Yes, people dealing with panic disorders as a result of stress or other health-related issues can reduce the symptoms drastically. 

A study published on American Journal of Psychiatry shows that out of 22 patients diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder, 20 of them were able to reduce these symptoms drastically within 3 months of having to go for relaxation and meditation training. (7)

8. It Helps you Process Information Faster to Make Quicker Decisions

Aside from memory improvement and ability to stay attentive, meditation even has more benefits for your brain functioning. Now you can be smarter, make quicker decisions and process information faster when you practice meditation. (8)

9. Meditation May Help in Treating HIV

Did you know about 40 million people around the world are infected with HIV? The sad part is that not all of them knows they’re infected with the virus. But here is some good news for those who know. 

Research has shown that practicing mindfulness meditation stopped the decline of CD4 T cells in HIV patients who are suffering from stress. What this does is that it slows the progression of the virus. (9)

10. Reduces the Risk of Stroke and Heart Diseases

In a 2012 published study, over 200 high-risk individuals were asked to either take a health education class promoting better diet and exercise or take a class on Transcendental Meditation. 

During the next 5 years, it was found that individuals who took the meditation class had a solid 48% reduction in their overall risk of stroke and heart attack. (10) (11)

10 Benefits of Meditation: What You’re Missing Out On

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can improve the health of individuals and this is why you should consider it a lifestyle.

These aren’t all the benefits of practicing meditation. Persons in their menopause can also benefit from meditation. Even females who experience premenstrual syndrome, meditation has been suggested to boost treatment. 

A type of meditation known as the Loving-Kindness meditation is helpful in reducing social isolation. Meditation is also helpful in decreasing loneliness as well as helping you to worry less.

The good thing about meditation is that it can be done anywhere unlike yoga, you don’t need a mat for meditation. 

All that actually matters is you and your willingness to practice. if you're new to this, you might want to chcek this article on how to get started with meditation.

Have you tried meditation, what improvements have you noticed? Share your thoughts with us.

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