Breathtaking Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds You Didn't Know

Breathtaking Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds You Didn't Know

Sesame seeds have great health benefits and are probably one of the oldest oil seeds existing today. They provide multiple benefits due to their high level of magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorous, zinc, fiber and other rich minerals.

It is widely naturalized in tropical regions around the world and is cultivated for its edible seeds, which grow in pods.

These seeds are not only healthy. It also does have beauty benefits. They are one of the most beneficial seeds in the world today having lasted for over 3000 years and counting.

Eating sesame seeds can super boost your immune system adding to your overall wellbeing. And yes, it is absolutely healthy and nutritious to consume sesame seeds raw.

You can choose from either the white sesame seeds or the black seeds and again, they all have great benefits. Just a little difference in taste as the black sesame is very strong as compared to the white sesame seeds.

Continue reading to uncover some breathtaking benefits of eating sesame seeds and even a good reason to start adding them to your meals regularly.

Breathtaking Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Top 10  Breathtaking Health Benefits of Eating Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seed is Useful in Improving Oral Health
Streptococcus which is one of the most common bacteria responsible for bad oral health can be combatted with sesame seeds. Chewing a spoon full of sesame seeds have been proven to tackle those bacteria in the mouth. You can also use oil from sesame seeds for oil pulling or you can also check out these alternative methods of treating bad oral health as well as removing tartar and plaques from teeth.

Consuming Sesame Seeds Prevents Diabetes

Sesame seeds may be tiny but plays a major role in preventing diabetes. Sesame is rich in magnesium and other healthy nutrients like calcium, zinc among others. 

The oil derived from sesame, popularly known as sesame oil has been proven to prevent diabetes and also helps in the management of the disease. (1) Sesame seeds also help in regulating insulin and glucose level. (2)

There have also been good evidence of okra aiding in the treatment of diabetes.

Sesame in Diets May Boost Heart Health

Sesame seeds are rich in irons which helps in fighting anemia. Studies say, the sesame oil can prevent atherosclerotic lesions and this is possible due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property found in sesame oil. 

They may help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol hence, preventing the risk of coronary artery disease and even stroke. (3)

Sesame Seeds Prevent Cancer

One major benefit of sesame seeds is its ability to prevent cancer. This should be a good reason why you need to add sesame to your meals to prevent cancer. 

Most foods on the market today causes cancer and the sad part is that we eat these foods almost every day. Sesame seeds have a strong anti-carcinogenic property which helps to combat cancer. (4)

Sesame Seeds Promotes Stronger Bone Health

Have you been experiencing bone issues lately like fractures? It could be that you lack calcium and sesame seeds may just be what you need. 

When you are calcium deficient, you’ll be advised by your doctor to eat foods that are rich in calcium and zinc to help fight the deficiency. 

And guess what? Sesame has it both. Sesame seeds are also packed with sufficient copper and other minerals that may help reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Aids in Treating Anxiety & Depression

Minerals such as magnesium and calcium found in sesame seeds can help regulate the muscle function by keeping them relaxed. 

This is to say that sesame is helpful in fighting anxiety and even depression with its calming property due to the presence of Thiamin. Most of the sesame nutrients are stress-relieving. (5)

Improves Eye Health

Treat blurred vision with sesame seeds. I know of a friend who enjoys sesame seeds for the purpose of improving his vision. 

I’m not asking you to do this too just because he does but studies have suggested that the use of sesame seeds can improve the health of your eye. The Chinese tradition has also used this method as a way to improve eye health. 

There’s a relationship between internal organs and external organs like the eyes and the liver. And since the liver stores blood which can be channeled to the eye, it helps to improve the functioning of the eyes. (6)

Sesame Prevent Wrinkles

Are you so concerned about your skin? Do you want to prevent wrinkles and pre-aging? Sesame oil does that and more. This oil is good for your skin as well as your hair. 

Sesame seed oil prevents harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging your skin.

Protects You Against DNA Damage Caused by Radiation
Did you know radiation can cause massive harm to your DNA? Sesamol from sesame seed and sesame oil has been proven to protect you against DNA damages caused by radiation.

Sesame Seeds Protects You from the Bad Effects of Alcohol

Finally, something for alcohol lovers. We all know the side effects of alcohol abuse. The effects on the liver, kidney among others. 

Well, the good news is that sesame seeds help the liver to decompose the harmful effect of alcohol in the body as well as removing substances that generate poison in the body helping you maintain a healthy liver.

We now know the top benefits of sesame seeds. Can we also find out some creative ways of adding sesame to our diet or meals regularly?

Sesame seeds can be eating raw and as said earlier, this is healthy but have a slightly bitter taste. So, if you’re not happy eating sesame seeds raw, then you can incorporate them into your meals.

Sesame seeds can be roasted, crushed and sprinkled over your salad for a great taste and health benefits.
You can also prepare a sweet sesame milk by soaking 1 cup of sesame seeds into 2 cups of water overnight. Blend into a smoothie in the morning and drink. You can also keep it in the refrigerator to add a chilling taste.

Breathtaking Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds You Didn't Know

You can see the benefits of sesame seeds are breathtaking but that’s not all. Sesame seeds can also prevent anemia due to their rich iron property as well as controlling blood pressure. 

Sesame seeds are full of high quality and healthy protein which make up to 20 percent of the seed. They are also good for baby’s health especially for rashes and improving their sleep.

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