5 Quick Home Remedies for Stinky Feet & Toes

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5 Quick Home Remedies for Stinky Feet & Toes

Do you have issues with stinky feet and toes, does your feet sweat profusely that when you get home to take your shoes off, you almost run out because you can’t survive the strong odor that comes out from your shoes? Have you tried finding solutions or home remedies but still can’t get rid of the odor? Well, we have the solutions here to help you combat feet and shoe odor.

Treating stinky feet can be an extremely difficult task but with the right natural remedies and tips like drying your shoes in airy environment, wearing a sock and other healthy habits can help you treat and eliminate foot odor.

Don’t be embarrassed as you’re not alone. Many people have their shoes stinking but are so shy to ask for tips from friends. It’s okay and I’m glad that you passed by because you’re about to find the best solution for your feet and shoes.

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5 Quick But Effective Solutions for Stinky Feet and Toes | Home Remedies

1. Treat Stinky Feet with Salt

Salts are not only for making food taste great or for preservation. Stinking feet can be treated using a salt remedy. All you need is some good amount of salt and warm water to make a salt solution or remedy for your feet. Pour 1 cup of salt into 8 cups of water or less. Just make sure you get enough water to cover your toes and feet when you deep them into the water. Keep them in the solution for some few minutes, rinse and dry clean.

2. Use Powder 

Baby powder comes with a nice smell and can help keep your toes smelling good. Well, I didn’t mean to say that. What I should have said is that baby powder helps absorb excess moist around your feet to keep your feet a little dry when you get all sweaty. Place the powder on your feet each morning before putting on your socks. Just rub a little powder and while your feet are thoroughly dry!

3. Make Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

Make a ACV solution and soak your feet in it. Get yourself a basin of warm water, add ½ cup of ACV and allow your feet to stay relaxed in the solution for a couple of minutes. What this does is kill the bacteria that causes the odor as well as neutralize it.

4. Use Lime or Lemons for Stinky Feet

Lemons have an anti-bacteria property which has been proven to fight odor. Most people use lemons for body odor solutions by applying them under their armpit and on the skin. Cut open lemons and try rubbing a few over your feet to fight foot odor.

5. Try Cornstarch 

Just like powder, cornstarch is also good in absorbing sweat which helps to keep your feet dry and fresh. Just do this daily and before you put on your sock. And always keep your feet clean and dry when doing this.

Other Best Practices that Keep Your Feet, Toes and Shoes from Stinking

1. Always wear a sock to help absorb sweat and also prevent sweat from directly settling in your shoes.

2. Use shoe inserts. People swear by this as an effective way to dealing with foot odor. Try to buy the ones made of activated charcoal as this has been proven to absorb odors.

3. Try Baking soda. Yes, they’re good for fighting bacteria and it also keep your shoes clean and free of odor.

4. Wear breathable footwear. It’s not a big deal! If tight shoes are making your feet sweat profusely, try opened shoes. I don’t mean bigger sizes but ones that fit good and has space at various sides that allows air to pass through.

If you have tried all the remedies and solutions there’s and still haven’t got the cure for bromodosis (I mean smelly or stinky feet and toes then, these listed homemade solutions for stinky feet and toes will keep your shoes free from odor. Give it a try.

5 Quick Home Remedies for Stinky Feet & Toes

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