7 Butt Exercises for Women with Small Booty

Slowly build your butt with these simple but amazing butt exercises for young women. 

7 Butt Exercises for Women with Small Booty

Building a big round butt isn’t easy. If they were, every lady would be walking the streets with quite heavy loads behind them.

As bad as I hate people who shame others for how they look, studies have also shown that women with more thighs and butt have lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and other related conditions.

Every woman wants to have a big round shaped butt and this can be achieved through regular butt exercise and workout. 

7 Easy Exercises for Women who want a Big Round Butt

1. Forward Lunges

When doing lunges, you’ll need two dumbbells for this exercise. You’ll need to maintain your balance especially if you’re a beginner. This is how to do forward lunges.

  • Grab two dumbbells on each hand and hold 
  • Stand straight and upright and maintain your body balance 
  • Take a step forward with one leg (preferably left leg) and slowly lower your body with your knee barely touching the floor. 
  • Make sure you keep your back straight. 

2. Squat

Squatting aren’t only good for stamina. Well, stamina is one thing and building a bigger butt is another. If you want to get a round and huge ass, then it’s about time you focus on squatting and do it the right way. Squatting deeper pushes your butt to do more of the work rather than your leg muscle and this helps in shaping your butt.

3. Deadlifts 

This type of exercise works better on your lower part of your butt. All you need is a barbell but you can use a dumbbell if you don’t have a barbell at home.
Make sure you start with a weight you are comfortable with. Not too heavy and not light. Keep your body straight and your feet apart. Now bend, grab and lift your weight upright and lower it slowly and repeat.

4. Glute Bridge

This is another great exercise for women with small butts. You just need to get a mat for this type of workout.
Lie on your back and while facing the ceiling, bend your feet closer to your butt. Be in a good and relax position (make sure your knee is straight and at a 90-degree angle). Now, with your hands by your side, press your heels and lift your pelvis, lower, middle and upper back off the mat and slowing lower it down and repeat.

5. Kneeling Kickback

Are you looking for a way to lift your butt up a bit? Then, kneeling kickback is the way to go.
Be in a kneeling position with your hands on the floor. Both hands and knees should be 90 degrees straight. Now curl your right knee into your body slowly and drop it back to the its previous position and do same with your left. Repeat the process for best results.

6. Walking Lunge

You can walk, can’t you? stand with dumbbells in both hands. Place the dumbbells over your shoulder and take a wide step forward but make sure your back is straight and now lower your body while you bend your knees in a 90-degree angle. Now move your other leg forward and repeat the steps. It’s as simple as walking.

7. Step-ups

Use a bench or a chair for this type of exercise. Place one foot on the bench so that your hip, knee and ankle are bent in a 90-degree angle. Lift your body up and follow with your alternative foot. Now step back and repeat.

7 Butt Exercises for Women with Small Booty
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Sculpt your glutes and lower body with these 7 butt exercises for women with small booty. All you need is a simple workout that will tone your glute muscles leaving you with a big round butt. 

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