13 Incredible Kitchen Hacks Every Woman Should Know in 2019

Incredible Kitchen Hacks Every Woman Should Know in 2019
Incredible Kitchen Hacks in 2019
If you're a regular woman who spend time in the kitchen on daily basis, then these incredible kitchen hacks are for you. Whenever things don't go right, you can rely on these tips and tricks to ensure a smooth kitchen business.

We have all grown to love food and we spend hours in the kitchen daily to prepare tasty meals either for the family, guests or for ourselves. We can’t do all these without the latest kitchen hacks. Cooking at home is the best way to keep your health in check. You can determine what goes in and out of your meals. People trying to lose weight may benefit from having to cook in their kitchen.

In this article, I will be sharing 13 of my best kitchen hacks, ideas and tricks. Don't be surpised, I do cook too.

2019 Kitchen Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Regular Women

Separate Two Drinking Glasses

When two drinking glasses stuck inside one another, you can unstick them by just placing some ice in the inner glass and dunk the outer glass in a bowl of warm water. The warm glass will expand while the cold glass will contract, making the glasses separate easily.

Are Your Eggs Still Fresh?

Are you in doubt about your eggs being good? Place them in a bowl of water. If they stay at the bottom of your bowl, they are good to use and when they float, they have gone bad.

Remove Excess Salt from Soup

Salt makes food tasty but over salted dishes can barely be enjoyed. Deep a peeled potato into your pot of soup and watch it absorb the excess salt.  

Prevent Egg Shells from Cracking When Boiling

If you enjoy boiled eggs like myself, then you might just like this tip. Prevent your egg shell from cracking by adding a pinch of salt when boiling.

Don’t Cry Over Cut Onions

Before you chop your onions, freeze them. Make sure you don’t freeze more than you need and use them right after chopping them.

Peel Ginger Faster

Knife? No! Just use spoon. It’s much faster this way.

Did You Burn Your Pot of Rice?  

Just place a piece of white bread on top of the rice. Wait for about 5-10 minutes, then remove the white bread. What the bread just did is absorb the burned flavour.

Don’t Refrigerate Tomatoes, Do This Instead.

Simple preserve tomatoes by putting the stem-side down. This will keep air and moisture from escaping through the cut stem. Hence, preserve it.

Prevent Green Veggies from Going Soggy

If you care about your leaves going soggy, just wrap them in a paper towel to keep them fresh over time. The paper towel keeps them fresh by soaking extra moisture.

Pick Up Pieces of Broken Glass from the Floor

If you have toddlers at home or you sometimes walk into the kitchen barefooted, this tip will be very helpful. Pick up pieces of broken glasses from the floor by slicing potato into halves and dab them on the floor. The potato will attract every piece of tiny glass.

How to Preserve Bananas

Never store banana along with other fruits. Bananas release gases which cause fruits (including other bananas) to ripe quickly. Separating them will keep them fresh over time. You can preserve it even longer by covering the stem-end with a plastic wrap.

Scrub Cast Iron with Salt

Using soap and water to scrub may cause rusting. Instead, use ground salt to scrub cooking pots and pans.

Reuse Cooking Oil 

To reuse cooking oil without having to taste or smell the flavor of whatever was cooked in the oil previously, add 1/4 piece of ginger in the oil and place it on the stove. All previous flavour and odour will be gone.

13 Incredible Kitchen Hacks Every Woman Should Know in 2019
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These kitchen hacks and ideas will help you anytime things go wrong in the kitchen. For most regular women, this can be very helpful when doing the kitchen business.

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