10 Common Mistakes Every First-Time Traveler Makes That Can Be Avoided

10 Common Mistakes Every First-Time Traveler Makes That Can Be Avoided
First Time Traveler Mistakes 

As a first-time traveler, it is okay to make mistakes when going on your first trip since the traveling experience and situation is completely new to you. However, such petty mistakes can be avoided if you take into consideration the few listed first-time traveler tips in this article.

Top 10 Common Mistakes of First Time Travelers

First-Time Traveler Mistake #1 - Being Scared

It’s normal to be scared when trying out something for the first time and of course you’re at a location where you’ve never been nor visited. Basically, you don’t know anyone and you have to be on guard.

You’ll always find first time travelers looking suspicious, turning left, right and back just to make sure no one is after their hang bags.

Although this seem like a good idea, when you actually do this, people get to know you’re a greenhorn and that can place you in a position you don’t want to be.

Stay confident, and walk the streets like you own this place. The more confident you are, the more people you’ll approach and the more friends you will make.

First-Time Traveler Mistake #2 - Overbooking

I know you'd prefer booking in advance to secure a good shelter while you’re away on your trip. But how well do you know you’ll prefer this and not that? How long do you think you’d be staying?

Well, until you get there, plans are bound to change. For all you may know, there are cheaper rooms or much nicer places close by which can save you some extra bugs for other important things.

First-Time Traveler Mistake #3 - Underestimating Cost

Save more money before you travel. First time travelers sometimes assume that prices are the same when they travel, or maybe less. Well, that can be true in some cases.

But when you travel to the cities of most countries where they have the expensive hotels and restaurants, be ready to spend more than usual.

First Time Traveler Mistake #4 - Not Taking Advice from Locals

Don’t be afraid to speak to locals when you go for your first trip in another country or city. Although there could be language barriers, you might just meet someone who speaks a language you understand.

It’s important to note all the dos and don’ts to ensure you don’t get in trouble. Speak to locals and take a piece of advice from them, it can be very helpful.

First Time Traveler Mistake #5 - Forgetting to Make Bank Enquiries

Another mistake first time travelers make is forgetting to check their foreign bank charges and also to inform their banks about their trip. You should let them know the country you’re traveling to so you don’t get a surprise. What surprise? Your bank cards or credit cards might get frozen or cut off for security reasons.

10 Common Mistakes Every First-Time Traveler Makes That Can Be Avoided
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First Time Traveler Mistake #6 - Disrespecting Foreign Culture

Every country has their norms, customs, culture and laws they abide with. Make sure you don’t disrespect any of these. You can know these cultures by referring to mistake #4.

In Ghana, during the Homowo festival, bans are placed on drumming and noise making and people are not supposed to move around during late hours.

First Time Traveler Mistake #7 – Forgetting the Exchange Rate

This is so common for first timers although people have this in mind any other day, when they’re set to travel it usually escapes most travelers. Make sure you know the exchange rate of the country you’re visiting and make provision incase the rate changes.

First Time Travelers Mistake #8 - Insurance 

Almost everyone dislikes paying for insurance. Some claim the insurance companies do not pay the claims while others think it’s a waste of time and they can avoid the risks.

However, it is important you do. Incase you get sick, injured or lose anything of much value during your trip, your insurance will cover the cost.

First Time Traveler Mistake #9 - Not Using Public Transportation

To cut the long story short, public transportations are relatively cheap as compared to private transportations which includes taxi and uber. Adjust to it if you’re not a person who is used to public transport as this can save you some extra cash. It also expose you to a new experience and culture.

By the way, I recently discovered Shanghai tours incase you want to visit China, you can check for rates and other details.

First Time Traveler Mistake #10 - Not Writing Down Your Memories

Why did you travel if not for the fun of it or the memories? Unless you’re going for a business trip, you should learn to pen down your experiences. It’s a great way to share all the fun memories with friends when you get back from your trip. Don’t forget to take photos too.

So, here are my top common traveling mistakes most first time travellers make. Have you made any mistake(s) when you first travelled? Share them with us.

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