Importance of Full Health Check Up for Individuals After 50

When do you have to see your doctor? Isn’t it when you face a new health problem or when the over-the-counter medications do not work?

However, the concept of regular full health check-up is new and is fast catching up with people day by day. Even some employers provide annual full health check-up for its employees.

If you are an individual who is above 50 and want to know the importance of full body checkup, here is a post that you should go through. Read on!

Why Do You Need A Full Health Check-up?

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a full health check-up. One of the most vital reasons is to keep off any critical disease from occurring. Even if you are tested positive for an ailment, you may take a preventive alternative to curtail its effects earlier. This way, you may enhance your life.

Full health check up differs from person to person and are as per their sex, age, healthy, family and lifestyle. It not only promotes better health but even paves the way for a healthy patient-family relationship.

When you go for full health check up from time to time, your doctor can educate you about living a healthy life. They can also tell you how you can avoid habits such as smoking, drinking and more.

Do even healthy individuals also need to go for a full health check up?

Even though you may have maintained a healthy lifestyle untill your 50s, you still need to go for the full health check up. Yes, medical practitioners recommend it even for healthy individuals so that they can take up a selective approach to prevent ailments.

What Can You Expect During A Full Health Check Up At A Clinic?

When you have decided to undergo a full health check-up at a clinic, you may need to prepare yourself for many things in advance. It is also recommended to report anything unusual with your body to your medical practitioner.

Always note that a full health check up can help you in early detection of any critical diseases and elongate your life.

Here is a look at key aspects that you can expect at a health check-up:
  • Clinical history – Your doctor will update your medical records for future usages at each full health check-up. That will also take care of earlier preventive procedures.
  • Family history of ailments – It is another element that you will be asked and it is important for your doctor to know. It is because it provides them with an idea about the diseases that may be hereditary in your family.
  • Earlier medical history – You healthcare professional will also review all your past medications and medical procedures like surgeries and more. 
  • Lifestyle details – Your doctor will also get an insight about your lifestyle – working style, where you work, living conditions at your home and work-life balance. You should know that these small things can have a huge effect on your health. 
  • Habits – You would also be asked if you have any habits such as smoking, drinking, any drug usage, active lifestyle, sexual habits and seat belt use and more. 
  • Normal body function details – Your doctor will also take account of daily body functions such as eating, sleeping, vision, hearing and bowel movements and more. 
  • Physical examinations – Your full health check-up will also involve all relevant physical examinations. It is done so that you may be screened for even the smallest of the issues. 

Where To Get Your Full Health Check-up Done?

Many leading small and big hospital chains in a city may be offering the full health check-up the package. And one of them is the Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune.

Paying for a full health check-up may be expensive at once for many people.

Importance of Full Health Check Up for Individuals After 50

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