Keto Answers Book Review 2020: Read Before You Buy!

Keto Answers Review - Do you have a lot of questions to ask about ketogenic diets? If yes, you probably want me to show you the easiest way to get those questions answered. Have you heard about the keto answers? 

An amazing book that simplifies all your keto question. Keto answers book; that's how I call it, is your best guide to getting all your most difficult ketogenic questions answered. There's no need asking Google what you should eat and not eat on a keto diet. 

Wait, if you are on a ketogenic deit or trying to get into ketosis, you should probably check out my perfect keto review and get to know some of the products I've tried and how I feel about it.

Keto Answers Book Review

The keto answers book was written by Dr. Anthony Gustin, a functional medicine clinician who has used low-carb, real food diets with thousands of clients and Chris Irvin, a nutrition science researcher and a writer. He’s also an expert in ketogenic dieting.

This book is your ultimate guide to overcoming obstacles while on keto as well as achieving your health goals which includes weight loss. Keto is not easy. And I know there is a lot of information online but how sure are you that this information is legit and not misleading.

I wish I had this book when I started keto, honestly. 

I won’t lie, the journey has been difficult. Especially when I hard to reduce my sugar and my daily carb intake. About a year ago, I started keto, my reason was simple although a number of people who live by ketogenic diet do it to lose weight, I started keto with three things in mind;
  1. For mental clarity.
  2. Better performance. 
  3. Reduce risk factors for disease that may run in my family. 
These are some of my reasons why I decided to do keto. However, there are individuals who do keto to reverse type 2 diabetes, reduce blood pressure, treat kidney disease,increase good cholesterol, and may also help in preventing cancer among others.

My keto journey is just a little over a year. However, I have benefited a lot since I started keto. I don’t find it difficult to sleep anymore, I’m no longer bloated, my energy level has also improved tremendously and I feel satisfied after meals. No need eating five times a day.

I almost forgot we were talking about a keto answers review. Back to the topic, here’s what you should expect from the keto book.

Keto Answers Review - What's In The Book

The Format of Keto Answers

  • 268 most asked keto questions in Q&A format.
  • 50+ beautifully designed infographics. 

How to Read (Use) Keto Answers Book.

Just like any normal book, keto answers book can be read normally or used as reference when you get stacked with what to choose on a keto diet and how to structure your keto meal plan.

The book is broken down into 4 sections and in this article, I’ll be sharing the highlights of what you’ll find in each.

Want to get it now?

Introduction to Keto Answers Book

In today’s world, everyone is looking for ways to live better, feel better and above all be better. Being healthy is the new swag.

However, we’re constantly inundated with content about nutrition, inaccurate information which are not backed by science.

This isn’t just a problem that exists today. In fact, Ancel Keys, a very successful scientist led the charge on demonizing fat as a cause for heart disease and is a huge reason why we’re here today.

Keto Answers Book

Why Keto Now

Dr. Gustin and Chris believe these to be the four pillars of health:

4 pillars of health

Each of these health pillars plays an essential role in health, but nutrition is at the top as it has the largest impact on overall health and wellbeing.

Keto is a powerful tool (if done right) that teaches you that nutrition can change how you experience life.

Keto is crucial right now because it will help reverse the damage of this massive failed nutrition experiment we’ve run on ourselves for the past 30 years.

Part 1: Keto 101 (Keto Answers Review)

Chapter 1: Understanding Keto

  • If you’re just starting keto, this is the foundational keto knowledge you need: 
    • What is keto? 
    • How is keto different than Atkins or other low-carb diets? 
    • What do I eat on keto?
Understanding Keto

Chapter 2: Debunking Nutrition Myths

Here, the authors break apart the most common misconceptions about nutrition.

Top questions answered:

  • Don’t we need carbs?
  • What do carbs do and how much should I eat? 
  • Doesn’t high-fat cause high cholesterol? 
Check out this eye-opening graphic on micronutrient absorption in veggies vs. meats!

Debunking nutrition myths

Part 2: Ketosis in Action (Keto Review Answers)

Ketosis in Action details all of the amazing benefits of keto as they pertain to wellness, body composition, and performance.

Chapter 3: Wellness Benefits of Keto

  • Keto Answers dives into how keto leads to increased energy, improved mood, blood sugar stability, increased satiety, improved brain function, and disease prevention/management.
How keto reduce hunger

Chapter 4: Body Composition Benefits

Top questions covered:

  • How do I lose fat?
  • Do I need to work out? 
  • Will I maintain my weight loss/muscle gain results in the long term? 
Weight loss on keto

Chapter 5: Performance Benefits

Top Questions Answered:  

  • Are carbs essential for performance and recovery?
  • How does keto affect endurance and strength? 
  • What sports is keto best for? 
Here’s the summary of sports that keto can be helpful for:

Keto sports

Keto Review Answers Part 3: Ketosis and You

Now that you’re equipped with all the core information, the authors empower you to do keto with confidence. This is where the authors help make keto work for you.

Chapter 6: Keto Foods

Top Questions Answered:

  • What do I shop for at the grocery store?
  • What are the best meats, seafood, dairy, produce, fruits, nuts, oils, coffee, tea, and fats to eat?
  • How do I structure my keto meal plan? 
Keto snacks

Chapter 7: Starting Keto

Top Questions Answered:

  • What are some best practices to mitigate the infamous keto flu?
  • How can I speed up the transition into ketosis? 
  • Do I count net or total carbs? 
Here’s a simple reference plate for starting keto:

Starting keto

Chapter 8: Using Supplements on Keto

Top Questions Answered:

  • Electrolytes 101: 
    • What are they? 
    • Which ones do I need?
  • What protein should I supplement keto with? 
  • What is the difference between MCT and coconut oil? 
Using supplements on keto

Chapter 9: Fasting and Keto

Top Questions Answered:

  • What’s the difference between fasting and keto?
  • Why should I consider fasting and how do I do it? 
  • What are the different ways to fast and which is best for me? 
Fasting and keto

Chapter 10: Different Types of Keto

Top Questions Answered:

  • What are all the different types of keto?
  • How do I do each type of keto? 
  • How do I know which one is right for me? 
Types of keto

Chapter 11: Keto for Women 

Top Questions Answered

  • Is keto safe for women and how does it affect female hormones?
  • Can you do keto during pregnancy
  • How can keto help treat PCOS? 

Chapter 12: How to Stay Keto

Top Questions Answered:

  • Sustaining a keto diet: how can I make it a lifestyle?
  • How do I prepare to travel on keto? 
  • What are traditional carb sources that I can swap for better options on keto? 
Best keto swaps

Chapter 13: Self-Experimentation and Tracking

Top Questions Answered:

  • What should I track, how should I track it, and how do I adjust according to my goals?
  • How do I use all this data to optimize my nutrition, sleep, movement, and stress? 
  • What’s most important to track based on my experience? 
As you know, ketogenic diets are very nutritious and healthy. However, keto answers book has laid out sets of guidelines for individual with different keto goals and preferences. This is one of the best keto books to have as it helps you get the most out of your ketogenic diets.

Whatever your keto questions are, this book got it all cover from what foods to eat to types of keto and even debunking nutrition myths.

The book currently has 5 out of 5 review on amazon. Want to see it?

If you need to stay on a keto diet or want to know what options you have while on keto, then all you need to do is to grab this book now. 

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