6 Essential Grooming Rules For Men

6 Essential Grooming Rules For Men

The Grooming industry used to be female-dominated predominantly as grooming and other forms of fanciful care was mostly done by women, but times have changed and no longer do we have a world that is divided into a fanciful one for women and a less fanciful one for the men.

The emergence of an androgynous generation has inspired men to pay attention to grooming as a trend to adopt and enjoy.

Grooming or Manscaping as it is sometimes called is the act of cleaning, trimming and maintaining parts of the body: especially the parts with hairs, this practice can involve the use of brushes, beard clippers and of course beauty products and just like every regimen it has certain dos and don’ts.

These dos and don'ts are known as grooming rules and we have taken our time to share with you essential rules every man needs to follow to be the best-groomed versions of themselves all day long.

Essential Grooming Rules For Men


Grooming can get excessive, this is a mistake most men make, because of the daily ritual involved as a form of general hygiene: the ritual of bathing, brushing our teeth and much more.

Many have done damage to the quality of their hairs and beards because they made the mistake of washing their hairs at the same rate at which they clean the rest of their bodies.

This is a big no-no, while it is essential to keep the hair clean, it is equally important to not over-wash the hair as over washing fades the hairs natural colour and affects the hairs texture because of the chemicals in bathing soaps.


A well-groomed man should look sharp and smart, but most times razor burns, bumps, rashes and razor cuts can occur if the razor or clippers are blunt or in terrible conditions.

Razor burns are skin irritations which occurs when blades are either too dull or too sharp but generally when razors are in terrible shape or when a shaving area is dry because a lubricant/moisturizer in the form of shaving cream is not applied,

The best way to avoid this is to dispose of old and blunt razors, shave carefully and apply shaving lotion when appropriate this rule is, therefore, one that shouldn't be ignored.


Facial beauty products might be the in-thing now, but the secret to a flawless face does not lie in the best facial product in the market but in the least thought about substances stocked away in your kitchen: sugar and coffee.

While a cup of steaming coffee may be a perfect way to start your day, they can actually give you a brighter and clearer face when used as homemade natural facial scrubs.

It is high time you dump the facial scrub and jump on the coffee or sugar scrub technique.


You may have tried exfoliating with an original homemade recipe but you sure will need to cleanse and moisturize, and this is when the several cosmetic products available for men comes in.

Men's cosmetics are of two categories: toners and lotions and they are all easy to access and easy to use, and they deliver the best of results either for scrubbing, moisturizing, cleansing or even skin brightening.


For men just making an entry into the manscaping business, ignoring their chapped lips is a common feature, because many see lip balms as an entirely female beauty item.

This is absolutely false as lip balms both colourless and coloured are more protective in function than aesthetic and should be an essential item for a man that cares for his lips being chap-free, blister-free and totally healthy.


Finally, tweezers are for getting rid of those peeping hair strands in your nostrils, and for the extra-finicky man, tweezers are just perfect for your brows which are out of shape, and tweezing is an essential rule for grooming for every man worth his salt.

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