The Ultimate Beard Styling Tips for Men

Beard Styling Tips

It's no secret that beard for men has become a prevalent trend, with an ability you change your personality completely. And this is why beard styling tips are an essential part of the average man's grooming rule.

In 2017, a research found out that, men with beard are found more attractive as compared to men with clean shave. Chances are that, if you walk out of your home with a stylish beard, you might just be lucky enough to bring a lady home.

The most significant thing to remember is, there is a beard style for every man, and of every character. The preferences change majorly with the growth of facial hairs. The choice of beard depends mostly on the shape of your face and the growth pattern of your hair.

Maintaining and styling your beard is not an easy task; there is nothing better than changing your statement beard style. To improve your overall grooming, it is important to follow these grooming rules for men.

Beard Styling Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Beard Style

Men's facial style is the most experimented one. As a thumb rule, a bushy beard makes you look more attractive and enhances the shape of your face. Here is some beard style you can go for according to the shape of your face:

Round face 

bushy beards make your round face wider; try choosing a full and long chin style or opt for a goatee beard. The beard style will make your face elongated.

Square face

A full beard is a perfect pick for an honest look, enhance them with tiny shorter hairs around the chin area to enhance the shape of your face.

Oval face 

For an oval-shaped face, you are lucky enough to try different styles of beards. You can experiment with a wide range of beard styles, and you will rock them all.

Beard Styling Tips for men

How to Maintain Your Beards

Timely Trims 

The first thing to recognize about beard maintenance is proper growth; if you keep trimming your beard too short and turn wild after some days, you have perfect beard growth. It's always upon us how to maintain a neat and healthy beard.


Cleanliness is the key to healthy beards; if you do not clean your brands, you might face other facial issues like itching, irritation, redness, etc. Always have a morning routine for your beards, as neglecting the beard routine might put you at a loss.

Treating Tame Hairs 

This is very important for maintaining healthy beards as many times facial hairs grow unique. If you face specific issues, beard oil is a savior for you; dab beard oil on your beards and comb them down to the edge as a part of beard care practice daily. Trimming keeps your beard looking healthy and maintained. In addition, a beard comb, beard oil, beard shampoo, and a beard pomade are excellent bases for your beard.

Choose the Proper Beard Tools 

Tools play a most critical role in maintaining beard health; you must own a beard kit in your bathroom the way you keep your bathroom kit. Always choose the quality product for your beards.

Enjoy your beard: to maintain beard hygiene avoid touching your beards continuously; also, avoid using lots of product on your beards; always trim your beard around lips as long beards around the lip area would disturb you while eating. Beard care is a reward for our beard; it's always about perfecting your face, keeping your beard healthy. Finally, always carry your beard as pride.

Different Beard Styling Tips for Men

Full Beard 

A long beard can be your perfect choice if done well, with proper styling and caution. It also would help if you were patient while growing a beard. Also, be cautious about the hairstyle you choose with this style of beard.

Bushy Beard 

This beard style adds texture to your face and enhances the shape of your face. If you are willing to hide your jawline, this is your pick; this beard style makes you look more mature. Much like long beards, a bushy beard also needs to be paired with properly styled hairs.

Biker Beards

The style of beards has originated from the biker subculture. It can give you a drastic change in your look if you are looking for something different. The kind of beard focuses on extra hairs at the chin area.

Beard Style for Bald Men 

Beard Style for Bald Men

If you have trimmed your hair off, you seriously need to focus more on your look when it comes to styling, working to lend texture, and frame your face effectively.

Viking beard 

These are the most renowned men with epic skill; for men with a more muscular physique, this the perfect pick, style long and thick facial hair. The only thing to consider is to trim and shampoo your beards at frequent intervals.

Short Beard

These are your pick if you choose to look cool; these beards are mainly the summer style beard. For many men, it presents a perfect option if you are willing to experiment with your look. It gives you a masculine and rough look. Style these beards with short and perfectly combed hairs.

Asian Beard

These are groomed hair with an accurate jawline and high beards. If your lighter hairs are coming on them, embrace your look like a silver fox.

Natural Beard

These beard styles are a blessing for men as these are the most straightforward beard styles, you need to follow the natural beard line, and you are all set.

Faded Circle Beard

These are more like a goatee attached to the mustache. It turns out to be the natural beard style. The cleanup edges would give you a sharper look.

Stubble Beard

These kinds of beard are not only perfect for all face shapes but are the perfect pick for all the lazy guys out there. These are an impactful and light design which are easy to maintain.

Short Boxed Beard

These beards are carefully highlighted forms of beards. This style of beard needs continuous detailing and trimming. The average time to achieve these beard styles is 3-4 weeks. The most important thing to remember is, this beard does not grow beyond the jawline.

Hollywood Beard

The name itself suggests that most Hollywood stars adopt the beard style. The beard style is formed by combining the full mustache, beard, and jawline.

Clean Shaved Whiskers

If you love mustaches, this is the most classic yet perfect pick for you. The stamen look is best suited with the neat beard. It would be best if you blotted more confidence to carry this look.

Bottom Line

Among all the beard styling tips, we need to be careful in choosing the best-suited one for us; first of all, you need to select the class according to our face shape. The above article has a list of classic beard styles for men; you can experiment with your look with those traditional looks.

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