23 Exciting Family Bonding Activities

Fun Family Bonding Activities

Family bonding is a time-consuming task, especially if you want everyone in the family to be on board. To make things easier for parents who have their hands full at home with kids or jobs there are some great ideas that they can do.

From camping trips to cookouts - these are some amazing family bonding ideas to get you started.

23 Fun Family Bonding Activities

1. Get outside

If you want to bond, make sure everyone spends time outside. Go for a hike together or go camping and look at the sunset together. Staying inside all the time only breeds problems. Get some fresh air once in a while, it's good for your health!

2. Cookouts

Being inside isn't always bad though - try having cookouts with your family more often than not. They're fun and if you use the right recipes they'll taste delicious too! Your kids will love it just as much as you do so give it a shot today!

3. Board games

If your family is into board games, there are plenty of ways to play them with others without actually playing against one another. Try teaming up and dividing the board in half, or play a 'friendly' game where everyone works together to beat the machine. This way you'll get your competitive fix, but still, keep it fun for all!

4. Cooking classes

Fun Family Bonding Activities - Cooking Classes

Your kids will love learning how to cook if their over-stressed parents let them sign up for cooking classes with other children. Not only do they learn something new but they also make friends who share the same interests so it's a bonus on top of cooking class!

5. Go to church

If your family is religious, try going out to their place of worship more often than not instead of just Christmas and Easter. Going weekly shows that you're devoted and might even inspire others in the family (young or old) to join in!

6. Book reading session

Fun Family Bonding Activities - Book Reading

Book reading is a fun way to bond with children. AmyandRose suggests that children should be encouraged to read books. It can inspire children to discover their own creativity. Parents can also read children's favorite books, which they have brought from school or bought using their allowance. This way children are able to relate to characters in the story and it may even help them understand the concept of reading better.

7. Rent out the local theater for a private showing

If your family is interested in acting, singing, dancing, etc - try renting out the local theater on the weekend/on vacation. Take along snacks and drinks (even alcohol ) and make it an event to remember! Even if they don't act, they can still enjoy watching others perform which makes this fun for all ages!

8. Try TV shows together (but not for kids!)

Yes, it sounds odd at first but TV shows are made for entertainment and bonding. Some families go a little overboard by buying the entire series of their favorite shows to watch together whenever they want. It's a good way to spend free time and catch up on laughs in front of the TV.

9. Let your kids have friends over

Kids love being around other kids so why not give them some friends over? You can take turns or trade-offs with each other when you need a night out so everyone gets a chance to bond without sacrificing too much time. Plan an activity ahead of time so when they get tired from playing, you have fun adult things planned too!

10. Game tournaments

When your family decides to take a break from bonding, rent out the local arcade for some game tournaments. You can put your skills to the test, or just beat up on each other for all I care. Either way, you're spending time together and enjoying yourselves so take advantage of that!

11. Exercise together

Exercise doesn't always have to be boring - get everyone riled up by having an exercise contest! You can do races, jumping jacks, sit-ups, and pushups ... just make sure you're fair when picking teams or else someone might walk away angry. It's good for the heart and soul (and who knows, it might even help shed off some pounds or ease tension).

Exciting Family Bonding Activities

12. Go to the park

Being in nature is good for us, so why not take advantage of it? Go to the park more often than not and let everyone run around like wild animals. It's fun, gives you time to chat with your spouse/friend(s), and builds great memories that will last for years.

13. Movie nights at home

Take turns hosting a movie night with your family (with no kids allowed). You can watch anything from action, comedy, or even old classics that'll bring out smiles on everyone's faces. Again, make sure you plan so when they get tired of sitting down - you have something planned afterward.

14. Take a trip somewhere new

Sometimes doing the same thing gets boring, so change things up by traveling somewhere new in the family. It doesn't have to be far or expensive - just do something different than your routine and you'll appreciate each other's company even more.

15. Make a game night!

If your family loves games, make it official by having a weekly game night! Not only are you bonding but you get to cherish quality time with one another through laughter, cheering, booing, etc. If they're too old for board games, try playing cards instead or maybe video games ... anything that involves them doing something together will work!

16. Take up a sport together

Something I hear often is families taking up sports because there's teamwork involved which builds character. You take up soccer, baseball, football, etc - the possibilities are endless. This gives you time to bond whether they win or lose so long as everyone's having fun!

17. Play with pets together

Fun Family Bonding Activities - Play With Pets

Families who have pets will know how much joy and laughter they bring into your life. They're like our little children that never run out of energy (and fur) so why not play with them more often? Take them for walks, brush their fur, give them treats ... whatever it is they enjoy doing most to pass time, do it with them! It'll strengthen your family bonds even more because after all, "a pet is for life"!

18. Do some community service work!

Just like exercise, giving back to society isn't always boring. Not only is it good for the heart but it's also healthy for your mind, so get everyone together and do something nice such as picking up trash, helping old ladies cross the street, or even donating food to a local shelter. You'll find great joy by seeing others smile!

19. Take a class together in something you all like

There are many classes in town that offer fun learning experiences for adults and kids. Maybe you want to learn how to cook spaghetti, fix a flat tire on your car, play guitar or draw better - whatever it is they're interested in taking a class on, help them out by attending with them! You can either work side-by-side or make sure everyone has their own designated activity to work on so everyone can have fun!

20. Indoor camping

Indoor camping is a great way to bond as a family - you get to enjoy nature even if it's stuck in your own house. You can all pitch up tents, eat some s'mores, roast marshmallows, and share stories about campfire adventures from the past. It doesn't have to be a small indoor camping trip either - make this a yearly tradition and set up everything weeks before time!

21. Create an arts & crafts night

Who says you're too old for arts & crafts? This is where your creativity comes into play by making projects such as friendship bracelets, drawing pictures, or maybe even making jewelry! Get creative with glue guns, pens, paper, and whatever else you can find!

22. Go for a bike ride

Fun Family Bonding Activities - Bike Ride

Bike riding is always better with friends and family, whether it be in your garage gym, neighborhood, city, etc. There's something beautiful about seeing cool scenery pass by while riding on 2 wheels that'll make you forget about the hectic world we live in (at least for an hour or two).

23. Attend church-sponsored events

Even if you aren't religious, attending church-sponsored activities might be a good idea at least once or twice. You never know, you just might have fun and meet new people that will bring good memories for years to follow.


It can be easy for families to lose touch as they grow older and have new responsibilities, but it doesn't have to be that way. Use these 23 family bonding activities together or separately depending on what interests each person in the group! Whether you're a parent looking for ways of connecting with your child, a sibling who wants more time with their little brother or sister, an aunt looking out for her niece's best interest- there is something here for everyone!

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  1. One of the clear benefits from Covid was being able to spend more time together as a family. Our college girls came home, my husband was grounded from travel, and we just enjoyed playing games and being together.

  2. These are all such fun ideas and great way to find more togetherness with family!

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