Bold Nerds is a concept created to inspire the world to have a healthy, beautiful and confident lifestyle with or without being "rich".

The concept was developed by Enoch Amenuvor who loves good living and all that comes with it.

Bold Nerds offers quality and authentic contents covering all aspects of life which includes but not limited to health (home remedies), fashion, technology, entertainment, travel, fitness, wellness, among others. We also help you with other lifestyle habits like saving and many more.

Enoch believes that living the right way is only achieved through boldness. If you're bold to face what life brings you, nothing can stop you from bringing your dreams to reality.

BoldNerds tends to offer nothing but the best contents when it comes to lifestyle. We're consistently building our brand and reminding our readers that when it comes to lifestyle, then its BoldNerds.

We at BoldNerds believe that everyone is perfect in their own way. Size, height, weight, and abilities or disabilities shouldn't be a reason why one should feel lesser than others. We encourage you to be whatever you want to be but help you live the right way.


Enoch Amenuvor is the author and founder of Boldnerds.com He's a lifestyle blogger, an entrepreneur and a digital marketer. Over the years, Enoch has been consistently contributing to the livelihood of individuals, he launched this blog as a way to share his ideas about what a good lifestyle should be about.

Enoch is also a business consultant where he gives businesses effective tips on how to survive under intensive competition. He also manages social media accounts and helps young talents establish themselves on social media platforms by developing compelling contents to meet expectations of an audience. Engaging in the revolution of the world and updating the world on what revolves around them is his topmost priority. His talent in social media management and devoted efforts have seen him outreach thousands of people worldwide, Enoch has experience working in different areas within the marketing industry including startups, agencies and his own blog and business to mention a few. His achievements have been of great help to businesses, artists, and individuals around the world. Enoch has been a daily contributor on Twitter, helping users, brands and companies find good contents as well as inspiring individuals with business and life quotes. His love is reserved for creating useful and meaningful content for individuals who surf the internet for problem-solving materials. It has always been his dream to help people establish themselves, giving them the best by dedicating his time and effort to solve problems in the simplest possible way.

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