About Us

We are not ugly, neither are we unsocial, we love learning because its beautiful and we don’t have to know it all but we love it when we learn something new. WE are bold and proud. We are the BOLD NERDS

 Founded in November 2017, BOLD NERDS is already one of the fastest growing lifestyle websites in Ghana. We have readers from all over the world, making us one of the most visited growing sites on the web thanks to our cherished readers.
We have become the leading source of lifestyle information from tips and tricks to home remedies and self-improvement and not forgetting travel. As BOLD NERDS continues to expand its readership, it aims to provide an in-depth report and interview from experts, answering questions our readers will love to know and also taking them to places they’ve never been but would love to be.
We are redefining lifestyle with constant innovative tips on food, health, dating & relationship, personal development among others. Hence our tagline, “Redefining lifestyle”.
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